Friday, March 28, 2014

FF55, 3/28/14, To Go

To go boom, bloom

to go less gruff more grassy
smile more I promise

to make the insides less grumbly
more squeaky

to laugh quicker
or huff at a joke

a promise to flex more
when hugged            

to hold a hand out, palm up
piece of fruit offered

 ripe and ready
as friendship can be

                                                 " To " and go- was the prompt. However
           it runs with promises in a letter to an old friend...And a grateful
           adieu to a grand Host of FF55 !

Friday, March 21, 2014

FF55 3/21/14 Sunny Spring

Floppy and thick with heavy
slabs of meat and cheese.

Jars of pickles gleaming,
relish and mustard glowing.

An artist could paint
a person slicing,slathering

then folding
brown curvy crusts, with soft interiors.

Stone patio, under a tree  
on a tailgate or soft plaid blanket ;

wafting scents from fresh baking
can increase appetites!

                        The prompt was Salvador Dali, and choosing a painting title.
                        'Two pieces of Bread' calls up things that are melting or bent
                         (with  appreciation! ) And I admit to my sustained
                         love affair with good bread!

Friday, March 14, 2014

FF55 3/14/14 From Around a Corner

    " Perhaps      he'd hoped
 so they all crowded  
 onward to-      

At last      he found  
The beauty was

Not for sale     sadly,
Could you expect

Another was possibly     they inquired
at the beach    but Mother said

Afterwards Sally called       to add-
Mystery      you know it was!

The bus was late      If only
 the weather -"

                                    The challenge was to write about hearing parts of a conversation.
                             Not a breathless rush, but continuous!  Hope you can piece
                            the puzzle together roughly!          ( travel +weekend+house+ family )

Friday, March 7, 2014

FF55, 3/7/14, ' Quiet Many Trees, Not Many People'

"I would like to be full of peace in a beautiful place like that."
Young men gathered contemplating a photograph ' Winter in New England'.
What could you say to people who feel " Empty as an eggshell"
from spiritual exhaustion, PTSD and living in war ?            
 Constant trauma, plague, floods,poverty. System of corruption
from broken people.
                      A scene compilation from magazine article :
                      UUWorld ;  Spring 2014.  Living The Faith,
                      Following my moral compass, Erika Nonken
                      Pgs 8-11.