Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FF55 I'm not Christian, yet

Plausible miracles:
She says we stop too soon- do not
go far enough!
Ten lepers healed
nine walk and dance onward ,    
one turns back to prostrate himself at the source-
Ten premature babies saved
 to live a whole bunch of years-
Ten people clean from alcohol and drugs
 more must be changed than just physical ...

                                                      A Maine Warden Chaplain, tells a series of stories
                   she has participated in search and rescue.The key she says in regards
                   to miracles; is gratitude.


G-Man said...

Thank you for supporting the new hosts.
....Just showing My gratitude.

Brian Miller said...

i would agree that more must be changed than the physical...it takes a heart change to truly affect a person...

hedgewitch said...

Giving is more than just a gesture here--and healing is more than just taking medicine. Very well said, Izzy.

TALON said...

I loved this, izzy. From the apt title to the images your words provoke. Gratitude as the key to miracles. Sounds simple and perfect.

Fireblossom said...

I'm one of those ten clean ones. Thanks for joining the 55 party!

Margaret said...

Give thanks… and MEAN it. Great reminder for all of us during the season of lent (and beyond)…

Unknown said...

Very nice.

Unknown said...

Very nice.

steveroni said...

God is for everyone, and so are miracles of which none are greater than another.

I read something about a "...complete psychic change..." and I think it was directed at me. Well, isn't everything?
PEACE and LIGHT, Izzy!

Unknown said...

Nice list of miracles. The list can never be to short.

steveroni said...

Where I go to school (40 years and still no diploma--grin!) they kept saying to me, "Don't leave just before the miracle happens!" (That was good advice)...

But THEN they told me something about a complete psychic change...but I did not pay particular attention to that part--grin!!!!

Thanks for visit...Izzy!

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