Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FF55 I'm not Christian, yet

Plausible miracles:
She says we stop too soon- do not
go far enough!
Ten lepers healed
nine walk and dance onward ,    
one turns back to prostrate himself at the source-
Ten premature babies saved
 to live a whole bunch of years-
Ten people clean from alcohol and drugs
 more must be changed than just physical ...

                                                      A Maine Warden Chaplain, tells a series of stories
                   she has participated in search and rescue.The key she says in regards
                   to miracles; is gratitude.

Friday, March 28, 2014

FF55, 3/28/14, To Go

To go boom, bloom

to go less gruff more grassy
smile more I promise

to make the insides less grumbly
more squeaky

to laugh quicker
or huff at a joke

a promise to flex more
when hugged            

to hold a hand out, palm up
piece of fruit offered

 ripe and ready
as friendship can be

                                                 " To " and go- was the prompt. However
           it runs with promises in a letter to an old friend...And a grateful
           adieu to a grand Host of FF55 !

Friday, March 21, 2014

FF55 3/21/14 Sunny Spring

Floppy and thick with heavy
slabs of meat and cheese.

Jars of pickles gleaming,
relish and mustard glowing.

An artist could paint
a person slicing,slathering

then folding
brown curvy crusts, with soft interiors.

Stone patio, under a tree  
on a tailgate or soft plaid blanket ;

wafting scents from fresh baking
can increase appetites!

                        The prompt was Salvador Dali, and choosing a painting title.
                        'Two pieces of Bread' calls up things that are melting or bent
                         (with  appreciation! ) And I admit to my sustained
                         love affair with good bread!

Friday, March 14, 2014

FF55 3/14/14 From Around a Corner

    " Perhaps      he'd hoped
 so they all crowded  
 onward to-      

At last      he found  
The beauty was

Not for sale     sadly,
Could you expect

Another was possibly     they inquired
at the beach    but Mother said

Afterwards Sally called       to add-
Mystery      you know it was!

The bus was late      If only
 the weather -"

                                    The challenge was to write about hearing parts of a conversation.
                             Not a breathless rush, but continuous!  Hope you can piece
                            the puzzle together roughly!          ( travel +weekend+house+ family )

Friday, March 7, 2014

FF55, 3/7/14, ' Quiet Many Trees, Not Many People'

"I would like to be full of peace in a beautiful place like that."
Young men gathered contemplating a photograph ' Winter in New England'.
What could you say to people who feel " Empty as an eggshell"
from spiritual exhaustion, PTSD and living in war ?            
 Constant trauma, plague, floods,poverty. System of corruption
from broken people.
                      A scene compilation from magazine article :
                      UUWorld ;  Spring 2014.  Living The Faith,
                      Following my moral compass, Erika Nonken
                      Pgs 8-11.

Friday, February 28, 2014

FF55 2/28/14 One Hot Morning

A red and white Pegasus sign
dances outward over  

Two bay doors  .    
 I cup hands to peer in a musty office.
 Oil cans along a shelf
above a punch button register.

 I can see the corner          
 of a covered car                    

like a jewel green Valiant
my Father and brother share

for parades and sometimes Sundays. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

FF55 2/21/14 At the Station

 Bundles of brown air
 turn like heavy fur
 along iron curves
 rising over cement
cyclops engine hums
nose bulging above rails.
A small caretaker
wool figure in jungle green
fitted jacket and hat is turned
to study her charge
When the bell and cry
 for boarding comes
she curtsy's
gathering up her case.

                       Reading more prompts in the craft poetry book: suggesting we
 " Think cinematically". This maybe a rework from a few years ago- it is a scene
 that felt like it needs/ed, reworking.