Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mag 123, June 24/12 One Last Time

"Well Geoffry, how did you end up in the water this time ?"
He could tell from his fathers disgusted expression he might end up back in there;
" I-"
He got slapped for his effort.
" You know what you need to do- why haven't you done it ?"
Geoffry was going to try and say something, but thought better of it.
He got punched for thinking.
" Get out of my SIGHT-"
  He rolled right to avoid being struck again; and got kicked for his effort.
In retrospect as he scampered and scrambled away; he reflected on
his good fortune of not being clubbed, stabbed or shot .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mag 122, 6/17/12, Breaking Through

                                                             *Puddle*, 1952, M. C. Escher

At first glance it was as if
this were fabric- a carpet perhaps,
worn straight through into another dimension.

The skies eyes of a new world!
And then she pulled away a little,
 a step or two back.

 There would be no tire marks in fabric-
and yet with a second quick look
It is cut away like cheese that has been nibbled on!

She sat down on the  porch swing behind her
and just stared at the tree tops and sky
not caring for the moment

whether it was from this world
or the one beyond.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mag 121,6/10/12 One Afternoon

                                                 Still Life, 1670, detail by Jean Fran├žois de Le Motte

                                                 As they  insulated the attic and  put up fresh boards
                                         on the walls, the family found all kinds of old papers pasted
                                         up from when the farm was young. Newspaper
                                         advertisements, pages from account books, receipts
                                          and IOU's.
                                                 " Mom come check this out!" Lisa and Tim shouted
                                          in unison.Wiping away dust and cobwebs,
                                         "I think it is a love song!"
                                                 Their Mother came and leaned over to see " Now why
                                         do you suppose this is here ?" they carefully took it down.
                                          There was no date on it, but the papers were all from
                                           around 1915.
                                                 " Maybe it is to a lost love-" Lisa piped.
                                                  "Maybe he never succeeded-" Tim elbowed his sister.
                                               Their Mother started to hum- she put her finger out
                                           and followed the simple tune all the way through.
                                          " Here we are-" she began to sing, and gestured
                                          to her daughter- " By the river,-"
                                          and on they went Tim even joined in toward
                                          the half way point. By the time they were finished
                                          all were smiling and happy.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mag 120 6/3/12 Keep an Open Mind

                                                              image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes
                                                  She had first read about them in Findhorn
                                                Foundation books.This was a community,
                                                established in Scotland near the town
                                                of the same name. It's founders Peter and
                                                Eileen Caddy had built the center on dubious,
                                               difficult land. Truly it was and is a fascinating story.
                                                   Not to mock or belittle the wonderful beings
                                               supporting growing and living things from behind
                                               the scenes of our natural world .She felt the above
                                                image might be a commemoration of respect and
                                                honor to one of the many nature Deva's.
                                                   Some people are skeptical - belief in entities
                                               specific to plants and elements of the natural world
                                               was foreign to many. When she came across a
                                               reference to these beings in an ancient
                                               spiritual text; she laid arguments aside. Now people
                                               could scoff, but she was settled better in her own heart.