Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mag 102 1/29/12 Yummy Lunch

                                                 Red Spot II, Wallisy Kandinsky

Hands on smooth china,
          on a wooden black handled knife,
               a white cutting board.
Hands washing parsnip and carrot
          red  potato, pepper and beans
           cucumber, black olive.

After chopping and dicing 
    we tossed all with lemon pepper and oil;
   served ovals of bread 
   with cubed yellow cheese.

Friday, January 27, 2012

FF55 1/27/12 Question

Can words form a home ?
Circle them, recite them,
pray them, write them- 
You can snap a whip and assign them
teachers do!

You can gather and assemble them
to entertain, or thrill. 
Poignancy in poems,
essays, opinions-
does all this get us through?  

Letters,  history
newsworthy- mystery;
short somewhat longer-
I love search and peruse...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mag 101 In the name of Art

                                                                     From Boris Hoppek's Tokyo exhibit "Ever"

The Life Studio finally found a model who
could sustain this pose long enough
to take a number of photo's.

Then she would unfurl,
stretch and stealthily move about,
limbering up.

Afterwards she slathered herself
and her hair-in a gel substance.
Re-established her pose -exactly-
before they dowsed her in a spray
coating of Plastic.

It was thin enough to dry in 5 minutes.
It was pliable enough
to come off in one whole piece.

"The money they paid me"
She told the reporter after cleaning up
"Included a bonus for all the pulling of my hair!"

Friday, January 20, 2012

FF55 1/20/12 "Drifting"

" Beware" She says, " Of complacency-"
and waves her long slim hand." I was drifting
off into Family Land; two lovely girls growing up-"
   At 8:19  My attention was sliding and gliding on sleepy ski's.
Her long silver earrings twisted and shone against dark bright hair.
 Those cars on the highway- no signals when changing lanes.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mag100, 1/16/12 At the Empress Resort

                                                                                        sculpture: Jason deCaires Taylor
It was a very beautiful and safe way to teach families to snorkel. Selma Trask had
collected several of her sculpture scenes; and arranged them inside a lovely  round pool.
It was close enough to the tidal basin that fresh water spilled in, twice on a daily basis;
Keeping everything bright. She installed selective lights so evening lessons were possible-
or those who just wanted to enjoy her art work under a full moon - could enjoy a
special occasion.If a few beautiful fish arrived they were allowed to stay for
twenty four hours and then returned carefully, to their natural rightful home.

Friday, January 13, 2012

FF55 1/13/12 "Over the hills and far away"

A pack of 8 wolves made a kill
A group of 6 men made a kill 
The wolves scavenged mans site
Man poked through wolves pile of hide

Men came over a hill, wolves scattered.
One wolf studied man from behind a rock and 6 trees.
Then 3 trees and a fire.
Night, fire, scraps.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

D'verse . Sunday Morning

"Ploof------------ ploof, "
Steps on dusty stairs

sll-oof,  sch-----looff :
corncob broom

sliding hay and chaff
from wooden loft, onto ground.

Pluuufff ----whufff,
manure fork cuts through dust
to lift it up.

"Droo-ook----- schruuuc-kkk, "
hay bits glide
short ride on metal,

to the manure pile!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FF55 1/5/12 Topsy-Turvy

One teenage student was given
self hardening clay for a Christmas gift.
I cut the tip off a packet of tools,
and three of us dove in.

Anthony won! In an hour
he had made ten seal/ penguin figurines
and ten bowling balls." Tuesday after we paint-
we'll send them all back into the sea!"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mag 98

                                                                             River, Marina Moevs, 2005

All was very still for a moment, as I knelt
on the exposed shelf of ledge tying a lace.
All the eyes and ears combine their strength
to blend with taste and smell.
They dip and flow out over the water
spreading wings upon wings, to find
light she grows in height and weight;
the cold underneath is in retreat-Spring is on its way.