Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mag166, 4/28/13 Such Is Life

                                                            illustration by Helen Ward 

           "  Sometimes, just as you think things are settled
Happy and comfortable-
a sound, a movement, or an unexpected visitor
Arrives; and topsy-turvy  goes the plan!"

                                                         ( I can so relate to this right now-
although my stage has less players on it-and I am the primary one that is disturbed!)

Friday, April 26, 2013

FF55, 1/25/13 Mysterious Electrical Mishaps

Our poor orange dragon
 has crouched in its cave
for two weeks with
Its mouth agape.
The fins and gills had come off.
a molar came out,
a secondary heart was removed
and replaced.

Yesterday my slimmer fingers
were the dentist of restoring
by feel-the bolt
and box for regulating pulse.

tightening all, restored power!

                                               Tractors and dragons are very touchy patients-
                                 Notoriously delicate and refined in their connections
                                 and grounding  mechanisms  !

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mag165, 4/21/13, On Impulse

                                                              Monhegan's Schoolteacher, 2004 by Jamie Wyeth 

 It was a moonlit night, she could not sleep.
In her journal she had written a henna rinse 
recipe for her hair. What a perfect opportunity! 
  Close to midnight she sat by the window
drying her hair with a soft cloth. Reading the
following paragraph in the original book;
she became concerned.It mentioned a little known
herb- that was also difficult to find. 
Oh my I hope this rinse works well without it
There was mention that sunlight could turn hair 
orange in some instances...

Friday, April 19, 2013

FF55, 4/19/13, Once Upon An Easter,

I could lie-
and tell you Easter was eating and eating
jelly beans and chocolate eggs!

I was going to Church,
but ended up constructing
a storage cabinet for my sister in law.

At lunch, there was an easel
covered in paper. 2 year old Gabby
and I took turns with crayons,chalk and markers!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mag164, 4/14/13, The Promise

                                                       Spring, 1935 by Kuzma Petrov-Vodin 

Yes we climbed all the way up here on this beautiful day- 

and now I would really like to relax and enjoy the view!

So if you don't quit leaning and leering at me, I am going 

to haul out and slug you in a second!

Friday, April 12, 2013

FF55, 4/12/13, Explore and Expand

                    Building an axis,
                    Maybe you will use your breath
                    to walk down the wide spiral stairs

                     from our attic to a broad entrance hallway.
                     It is luminous and warm here,
                     and encircles us with peace.

                    Then we can go downward again
                    past the belly button window
                    onto the pelvic floor
                    and a hammock for being.


                                   Been reading an interview in the April issue of Sun Magazine;
                                     Regarding balancing more being than doing. Very interesting
                                              article" Out of our heads" Phillip Shepard.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mag 163 , 4/7/13, By Mistake

                                                          Woman With a Towel, 1898, Edgar Degas

                Elise was quite self conscious and I walked in on her one day; just after the doctors had allowed her back brace to be removed.
              "Hal!" she remonstrated me- wrapping the glorious towel up to her chin, " Why didn't you knock?!"
               " I am so sorry" I scrambled and ducked out of the room very quickly, my face very hot I am sure!
The glorious hair and generous figure stuck with me- to the point of my having to attempt a
pastel sketch for myself, which I kept tucked carefully away in a desk drawer, under some books.
                She never said another word to me about it, but every time I ran into her at the florist I swear her cheeks got a little rosier too!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

FF55, 4/4/13 Alive, Alive!

Red buds are topping trees!
 I rode my horse
this afternoon;
now all I know 

If you would flow,
float, or glide,
you must unknot -    
To be at peace
you must sigh, fly,
swing wide and love.

To love you must
accept, forgive
and smile

as life goes on
like water
no one can hold 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mag 162, 3/31/13, Highlight

                                             Between Heaven and Hell, 1989 by Jacek Yerka

                               The cat's yellow eyes ought to have opened a bit wider - his timing
                               was off. There has been a flash of the ordinary being stretched.
                               A shift, a flutter - an interruption happening. A breath caught.The
                          universe has come up with an opportunity beyond what we know...