Friday, March 29, 2013

FF55, 3/29/13 Renewal

A tiny round
piece of moss- very green,
stood out in the woods.
I drove by and felt
a lift of hope in my heart.  

Later, tears washed over eyes
as my heart separated
out woven conflicts;
days of confusion ended.

A name found,
and tension melted
wings of flat rock
basking in sun     

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mag 161, 3/24/13 Half or Less

                                                  Not to be Reproduced, 1937 by the Belgian surrealist RenĂ© Magritte

                                        " I have turned away from you, self
                                 I do not accept the choices you have made
                                at this moment!      
                                A school child has no right to say such things
                                 to the heart of ourself! and I will not 
                                look back with acceptance or forgiveness-
                                 will not restore eye contact or recognition;
                               until you truly restore faith in your word ! "

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FF55 3/22/13, With a Friend,Monday

There was wind, fumes and many cars.
Piles, piled up :14 rims.

Free and clear engines, tipped this way and that. 
The mechanics were only disassembling.

A man carried a door, overhead.
One wagon was chock full of twisted tubes.

The map led us to the right year, wrong make.
No gas pedal assembly here !

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mag160 , 3/16/13 For Only One Instant

                                                      Faun, Horse, and Bird, 1936, Pablo Picasso

                                                Are they all having a good laugh-
                                         The bullish devil, is picking at his teeth-
                                         envisioning a meal of that bird. A fowl
                                         who has an eery, squeaky voice,
                                         with the horses laughter chiming in
                                         a less shrill tone.
                                         As luck will have it, the Phoenix
                                         rises quickly from a puff of ash and flame;
                                         and the horse is taken to carry Death
                                         along the dark of river Styx-
                                         Then only the Minotaur remains
                                         left to wander the endless hedges
                                         of a labyrinth- on an Island
                                         dimmed well by mythic fog.

Friday, March 15, 2013

FF55 3/15/13, Silly Tune

Spring fling,
flap jack
Hi by
laugh cry
dry eyed- I spy
hippity hop,
flipity flop

I wish I may -I hope I'm not- 
a fish out of his bowl,
a fat mole
away from his hole
hunted and cold

by a bold cat,
in a song I sing
under a bird
on the wing-

                                          Cabin Fever rages around here, this is one small
                                    temporary cure while skipping- through snow,mud-

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mag 159, 3/10/13, Adieu

                                                    Meal Beach, Burra Isles, Shetland by Robin Gosnall

I cradled the young bird carefully, she was finally all cleaned off from the oil.
 "Restore her to freedom " And so we walked the few more feet
to the waters edge and set her carefully down
by the foam running in joyously to greet us.
"There girl, off you go!" She wasted no time to be aloft
on the swell and it drew her back out
 onto the gleaming bluegreen.
We waved and in response she began ducking
and diving in search of her first free meal in quite

Friday, March 8, 2013

FF55,3/8/13, Mystery and Maze

I love the solid comfort
 of numbers you can hold
coins, blocks.
And word problems:

 4 apples at 16 cents-       
Or a car traveling 45 miles an hour
going 90 miles from
Sandyhook to Millersville -

And I liked measuring
more than scary insubstantial
formulas of geometry,
trig and calculus
How did I ever pass them?

                                            Never saw a way out of the maze.
However thanks to many tutors all through College I made it!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mag 158, 3/3/13 No Doubts

                                                                 photo by TheFoxAndTheRaven

"You are close to useless" I hissed, my breath heaving.
" I have been saving your ass for too long! "
I turned away in disgust.

After another moment I began to hear
whimpers from the heap on the floor.
I amm- sorr-y-" It was barely audible.

"Yeah I know full of remorse but not enough to get help; or stay with it!"
I spat at her crossing my arms tightly. I knew I should leave
but I didn't dare not till she showed a little more alertness.

"Here dry yourself before you catch your death-" I flung a lavender
towel at her. It sat untouched on her shoulder for a few moments
before a quivering hand grabbed at it and began rubbing.

"This is absolutely the last time I bale you out Amber!
You're going to have to get into a Halfway house and
really go to those meetings!"

I saw a slight nod. "I'll call Michael if you want a ride
tomorrow, but then I am done and you are on your own."
I turned on my heel and left

my younger sister on the bathroom floor
where I had unceremoniously dumped her
after the cold, sobering shower.

Friday, March 1, 2013

FF55 3/1/13 How Many Blacksmiths ?

Grey is down in speckles and stones
A carriage propped for two wheels

A horse foot raised, rasped,
near a fire and bellows.  

A Silo needs its cap,
four yellowy houses are framed.

Church has half its steeple.
Orange fields are begun

Red trees curving,
Blue sign stretches

along a big barn
with white doors.

                                                       It has been an exceedingly dingy, wet week.
One thing to detest about the end of Feb....However this puzzle has lifted my spirits
on several occasions! There are two burly Blacksmith's in this picture-maybe they are brothers ?