Thursday, December 27, 2012

FF55 12/27/12, Evergreen Park

Cold night
golden moon above,
clock chimes.

Round wooden bandstand
brown park bench,
lean back.

A turning felt Fedora
Inky paper pages,
eyes peer over.

Two arms swing back        
tall shadow rises,
small feet flee.

Grab handful hair, twist
blue ornery pulses,
constriction wrists.

Long fingers grip a knife
red impressions on heart,
danger passing.

Friday, December 21, 2012

FF55, 12/21/12, Memories

A deep scent of evergreen
fills the living room,
sparse fragile ornaments
and delicate icicles
are all that adorned our tree.

A fireplace mantel for
stockings, a Spanish table
for the wooden creche.         
Classical choral singers
boomed with organs,

Ski's were carried
to the porch for waxing;      
Champion flyer and toboggan
propped for midnight runs!

                                                       Merry Christmas everyone! I am soooo looking
forward to singing Christmas Carols on Monday evening; at home and Church- Enjoy!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mag 148, 12/16/12, Roads

Photo by Andy Magee

        The roads of life up and down, twine and whine under tires.
Flow and float where you can, taking side routes when possible.
      I am grateful today for warmer weather, my friends, family.
We may see ice later, but for now I can smile and enjoy
the Peace- Season and music!  Saying a prayer for those 
in grief and pain . 
      Hope everyone is able to find some Joy and Hope in their

Friday, December 14, 2012

FF55, 12/14/12, Thud

        "Creee-ak- snnappp"
Jerk- with no
premonition flowing after.

Senses press outward
I held my breath,
but no motion followed.          

A few days later
" I am tired"
 My husband says.

A few weeks after:
"We need to sell the house."

At lunch last Sunday
his Mother at 88, smiles
"Would you move here ?
I need help."  


Friday, December 7, 2012

FF55, 12/7/12 To Relax

Unlock the accordion metal gate,

Unbolt the knob- slide the door and go inside.  

Close it up and push every button on the pad,

then wait  for the wonderful Panorama's to arrive !    

Snow in the desert, thunder and lightning over a caustic sea-  

You don't have to get off, you can step back and sit!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Erasure Poem , 11/29/12- 12/3/12

          Thanks go out to last weeks challenge, D'verse: An Erasure poem.
I had fun! I did not link. (I would choose to rearrange the layout on this but I resisted.)
     Taken from the first page of chapter:" Turning the Soil".(Page 13)
From:    The Wild Braid, Stanley Kunitz, w/ Genine Lentine .
        WW Norton & Co.       c.2003.


                                        of a world
                                      that depended on
          interplay of forces;
              in turn,  responded to my touch, my presence.

                                                Praise it leads

                 between the self and
                 the single flower
                       harmony     among all aspects of
                       domestication        taking                    

  the wild,                 elements that             shine

                               holds infinite possibilities. What sense
  its kingdom                       to convey?   It represents

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mag. 146,12/2/12 Monday at 4

                                                                       Object to be Destroyed by Man Ray

                                   " Ticketa, ticketa-" The metronome was set fairly slow .
 " Now dear! start again-" Mrs. Millers stubby unpainted finger pointed at the music.

 Sitting very straight I lent forward and began to play once more.
                                    Mrs. Millers finger waved with the ticker. When I lagged
in uncertainty, Mrs. Millers finger wagged with more emphasis.
                                     I could hear the sharp intake of breath that preceded her
 next attempt at encouragement." Better Aggie!" and after a slight pause; 
" Here " She pointed,"You are to have a slight crescendo!" Which made me pound a
 little more energetically for a few notes.
                                     This was my homework piece - so I was slightly more confident.
 However I knew a new piece would be lurking in the near future; then I would not get off with such ease.
                                      Sure enough five minutes later Mrs. Miller drew out a double 
sheet, unfolding and pressing it open." A Waltz my dear- a whole new arena - much 
slower and easier pace. Let me show you!"
                                      That was when the metronome became my hypnosis machine, 
which helped my eyes learn how to glaze over and even try to doze a bit...