Monday, September 27, 2010

Microfiction Monday 140

Not the tanker
memory was tugs-
with tires dotted all along the black hull
a cushion, something to grab
if you're where you ought not to be

Poetry Bus, Childrens Story.

Like a bronc sometimes,
I'll stick to Magic Carpets
Ripples and dips
and a few twists,
Dusty Mustard and Blue
over oasis, desert
we flew
in pursuit of wishes;
akin to rubbing that lamp!

Friday, September 24, 2010

55: Do you speak Moonlight ?

That full and favorite mirror
buttered silver
warming blue-

Light enough
to sled with friends

at Midnight
on a hillside pasture.

Or the splash in Spain
of a bejeweled swimming pool.

Laughing with friends
around a bonfire
on an open beach.

Wishing for riding horses
and long,shallow surf .

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

poetry bus /wedding

Breath and breath
swell, subside.

minds to heart
slow spiral stair

rise and deepen

one and one
blends to we.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Microfiction Monday 9/20/10

"Sam, where would we get the feed?" Sally asked.
"Mr.Joe has plenty"
"Wouldn't the wagon be too big?"
"Let's talk to the man" He squeezed her hand.

Monday, September 13, 2010


It was our merit
the deep stain of living ,
our pastor wanted
us to take.

Break your life apart
into each crimson,
green or orange piece

selfish, lies-
but good things too,
generosity can be a gorgeous blue-

then when you fit them
all back together

 you'll be lighter, brighter
by next week.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


   Fresh look and considerations: Paul Klee, Diaries.( 1898-1919). Dipped into it again today.
He has always struck me as fractal, breaking things down into elements. Components.
   When you read entries somewhat chronologically, there's a great deal of army, aviation, war,
travel; of course arts eye oversees it all and music underlies it.Some how it feels as if love and family
are set apart. Religion gets mentioned faintly.He did teach and enjoyed it. It seems as if much of the living was out of rented apartments, rooms. I have heard of that before and it makes sense with all the
movement, displacement...Life was so different then with 'Continental' habits, especially.
   He does some less linear 'squiggle'  sketches. It feels as though that was confusion, uncertainty-
His natural voice was more numerical. There is mention of nature, but a lot of architecture too. 
The cover sketch of a medieval city, with its wonderful flow and common threads. The Portrait
of his Father is amazing ! combining all attention to detail, completeness, shadows, light. He spared nothing on that one. It is dense, multidimensional, a real tribute.
    I have other books on him but this one really underscores the why's, how's and when-thens.
I love his work, he speaks in such a different manner and that is a good thing! He was introduced to me as a child, side by side with Miro. How wonderful an exhibit that was, Never-to-be-forgotten,
certainly life altering. I'm truly grateful. (Elsa DeBrun and Patrick Farrell took us with my Uncle to the Springfield Museum for it.) I will continue to explore them both, from time to time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reflection, 55 pie

Through four tall panes
of southern glass

Raising steaming coffee
to the morning sun,

pulsing in trees
more and more yellow

landing with green   
deep blue mingles above

brightening to azure;
these swipes of color  

uncoil on paper: a far away tune
becomes a closeup eye   

hues tilt on a shape
for the banner outside.

Monday, September 6, 2010


   Cannot seem to write for 55's or Poetry Bus. Deleted both.
Lots of good things to report, just not happening yet...
Ahh well, sometimes 'Time takes time',
   Anniversary came and went. My sponsor is having a rough time, Deaths
traipsing heavily around and about... This too shall pass- I just wish I could ease her
burdens.So I pray-
   We have been coping with our garden, lots of beans,a few tomato's;
very grateful for what we have gotten.
   Did get to a Sober fest- VERY loud music,wonderful blues band that I actually
got up with some girls and danced to!  Attended an Alanon meeting, just what I needed.
   Off to work now, Labor day is not in thought only but a fact.Wish we could generate some cash.
See y'all- be well!