Friday, February 28, 2014

FF55 2/28/14 One Hot Morning

A red and white Pegasus sign
dances outward over  

Two bay doors  .    
 I cup hands to peer in a musty office.
 Oil cans along a shelf
above a punch button register.

 I can see the corner          
 of a covered car                    

like a jewel green Valiant
my Father and brother share

for parades and sometimes Sundays. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

FF55 2/21/14 At the Station

 Bundles of brown air
 turn like heavy fur
 along iron curves
 rising over cement
cyclops engine hums
nose bulging above rails.
A small caretaker
wool figure in jungle green
fitted jacket and hat is turned
to study her charge
When the bell and cry
 for boarding comes
she curtsy's
gathering up her case.

                       Reading more prompts in the craft poetry book: suggesting we
 " Think cinematically". This maybe a rework from a few years ago- it is a scene
 that felt like it needs/ed, reworking.


Friday, February 14, 2014

FF55, 2/14/14, Downtown

She reaches an arm across their shoulders
turning the young away from windows of idling cars        
luring them into a diner on 10th
to feed the body
before offering them a job washing dishes.      
Finding them clothes from a closet
showing them a bed to sleep in,
encouragement to stay in and study at night .  

                      Been reading prompts in a poetry book and they were saying
we could look around for an alter ego- that would mean- being urban, and a night owl!

Friday, February 7, 2014

FF55 Drag your Brag laughing

Beyond town of white houses      
friends run aisles of corn
over rat tails, feathers and leaves

Six miles, past the railyard
cackling like cattle bones
about thieves and hobos

Sweat dries like sky
at Sampson's farm
corn turns purple in fall

you swim a bend of river
when corn is high enough to lose people.

                                      Building tension and spookiness was the topic of a chapter in
 this book I am reading on poetry. I just had to try this because tunnels are weird!