Thursday, March 29, 2012

FF 55 3/30/12 True or False ?

1.)                   Ride on brothers
2 )                  Your flag is at half staff ,
3)                    Just do it!
4)                    Gag me! there's cheaper ways -see #8
5)                   "You have something blurry at 2 o'clock"
6)                    There are four, Deal with it.
7)                    It is more polite
8)                    If you use more Deodorant you won't need #4
9)                   Yes!
10)                 Peace sign
11)                 No- whole milk .                                     
                                    ROCK ON!

                                                 ( it stands on its own and reads without numbers.)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mag 110, 3/25/12

                                                                                      image: Duane Michals

Ursa was really in trouble now
attached at the brow
the twins knew what she was thinking,
before she did herself.
Oooh, I have gone and done it for sure-
that spell was just a tad too close to home!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mag 109, 3/18/12 No Matter What

                                                                    image: Robert and Shana Parke Harrison
 You woke up knowing
the dream was correct
"How the earth moves and works".

"No matter what you do, with a wrench,
pry bar, hammer- you cannot change truth!
No matter what you try- you cannot alter time."

It is as slow as it goes, with dread
or as fast as it flows with your joy.
So own every dream, thought,
word and action.

For all is all woven into
and recorded by the skies;
and ground, buried underneath,
in the finely heated halls of time.

Friday, March 16, 2012

FF 55 3/16/12 Breathe

Plow furrows in greening fields bend tightly

a gorge of waterways
once straight, turn sharply

as if around the stones of bone.    

The blue and grey of clouds
seem pressed toward the horizon,    

afterwards the wind comes through,
overnight all will shift and open     

as if God has shrugged his shoulder
and then relaxed once more   

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mag 108, 3/11/12 Hi- Ho Spring

                                                                            image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

               " Holly!-      Hol-ly, where are you ?"
              " Shhh-" Holly breathes like a soft breeze passing swiftly by.
        I am by the water Mamma, but I don't want to tell you,
       I don't want you to see me either.
       I am watching a turtle who will scamper away 
        if I move or say anything, right now-
                   " There you are you naughty child!-come right this minute!
        Look at the mud you have smeared all over those nice, clean clothes!"
                   "Oh you made the turtle go- he was sitting so quietly on that rock!"
        She looks down at her light shirt and white shorts " What good are these
        clothes if-"
                   But her Mother has swooped in and grabbed her arm hard; given her
       a nasty shake and yank " Enough! Come Now I said- we are going home."

Friday, March 9, 2012

FF 55 3/9/12 Once upon a long time

So much anticipation
a good friend was coming to visit!
( she wouldn't dare cancel again- would she ?)
Dare I plan a few things- like a nice meal?
I did ! and it all worked out-
we stayed up late and talked
we went a couple of fun places;
then talked some more!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mag 107, 3/4/12 ...Set, Go-

                                                                                          image by Sarolta Ban

   She wondered how the artist had done it- did he magnify a photograph
trace lightly on the canvas and then begin to deal with light and shade of skin pigments ?
    Sarah felt a shiver go down her spine. This show, was all to drive home a point
about getting honest with self and others.
    She rather liked the painting for just what it was a portrait. Sometimes you look in
 the mirror and wonder- is that really me and what is it I am really feeling ?
   Sarah sighed, fifteen larger than life paintings- putting up front and in your face-
rather clear moods and feelings; for all the world to see. This was only the first one.
She gave her collar a jerk up and the brim of her hat a tug down.... READY ?

Friday, March 2, 2012

FF 55 3/3/12 Beware

Misanthropy has gone from poetic to catastrophic.
Anxiety no longer has a mild and acceptable form
with a purpose-                                                
Research and studies rarely go on for years-
before a new 'Condition'- becomes a diagnosis
and a prescription pops out.                              
Shyness is no longer a phase to grow out of;
PTSD may get watered down to death .                           
and grief may soon be outlawed-

   Do yourselves a favor and see if you can find a March copy of The Sun
Read the interview with Christopher Lane. It explains a very scary trend.