Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mag. 137, 9/30/12 . Mysterious Uncle

It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979, by Francesca Woodman

          " Not silver"  Mark held up one ornate fork. " These fit on that photo paper-
I tried it."
          Eric stood snapping photo's with his digital camera."This is weird-"
He rolled his large buggy eyes around, to take in the shadowy cabin. " Are
you sure he used this as a darkroom?" He waved an elbow, indicating all the
 cobwebs and mouse droppings.
         "Yeah man, I spent quite a bit of time in here with him" Mark got up." It was
ten years ago- I was young." He spun on his heel- " Photo's used to be really
complicated-" He pointed to a long bench. " Trays for developer, stop bath; over there-"
He spun right " Rope for drying.You hung them up."
          Eric followed his friends motions. " Like laundry?"
          Mark nodded. "They sold the enlarger. It used to sit over here-" He took three
giant steps to another table. "It was as tall as I was then!" He held an arm up overhead.
          Eric whistled softly.
          "That closet was where he developed all the film-where no light could get in."
          " Sounds like a magic act-"
          " Kind of was!" Mark smiled, " Watching surprise images appear on a white,
blank paper!"