Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mag 153, 1/27/13, "Good to see ya"


                                                                             Charlotte Gainsbourg, AnOther

     I sat rocking in the rocking chair, watching.
In her tied dye smock, over shorts
 Charlotte was leafing through
mine and my sisters collection of records.

"How do you like living on the west coast ?"
She didn't answer for a few moments " Ah-
She looked up and refocused on me "We like it!"

She and her older boy friend had packed
their belongings into the 'Peace mobile'-
Volkswagen bug; and driven to California.

They eventually landed at an Ashram-like
property; with a community of 20 year old freaks.
" We are building a huge garden!"  She held

up the sleeve of the record she had chosen
and put the covers on the floor.
A bit of Bob Dylan rose wraith-like 

around the room after she set the needle down.
" So did you get any of my letters ?"
I had written three and heard nothing

in the six months they had been out there.
"I got two-" she shrugged , "I just haven't had time
for anything,since we opened the food Co-op.

At that moment Mark slouched into the room
"Hey-" came with a peace sign
and a flush of incense slammed over patchouli oil.

leaned my head back,
Now three of us were in here, bare foot 
and twitching our hands to Dylan's wail- 

any hope for the future of this conversation wafted 
right out the window joining the insistence of Cicadas.

Friday, January 25, 2013

FF55, 1/25/13, Visability

"Dismantle this! " Death swiped his scythe-
Spirit fled from the body prone.

"You have made my job so easy!"
Death sneered at the shivering spirit

"That wall between east and west Devano-
when restored- you dismantled it.!

All those stacks of laws and policies-repealed!
Anarchy is a bright and shining light for me- Begone!"

                                  I have been reading about 'Symbolism' all week.
I  tripped over cold air and been leveled by wind...Intellectualism sneered at me
 from the page yesterday and an Anarchist was shaking his blocky fist
 at me this morning. So-here's to it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1/ 23/13, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads," World Building"

Kerry's Wed. Challenge.


Along the Esses of a sidewinder snake,
With the slow, quiet whirr of a frisbee,
Phy 1 where I am, is a mystery.

But judging from all the formations after,
The dangling of giant woody Vinca vines,
air roots dripping bits of earth and fungi,
mixing with the misty traces of water
dripping from the old waterfalls-

The moths, birds, butterflies and bees
carry all the bits from these
toward traces of rock-
Once I watched this "Phling"!

Slipping off with sunshine and rainbows
toward the east.
Around the various suns
they swing, each with its own
 Phy 6, from here is Healing.
Phy 12 is Farms.
Phy 17  My Father says is pure Biology.

I have only taken the little pod and bubble taxi's
to University- by the 3rd Suns first Moon.
I wave at this now from Way High,
on Bumble Bee street...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mag. 152, 1/20/13, Forever,

                His hands always reached back, my steps nowadays were a little less quick.
The kids went out the door, ran down the short hill and a few moments later were out
 on the ice.Jess and Lisa, reached simultaneously to join hands. Brother and sister;
friends, partners -it was a joy to watch. The smiles, turns, skips, spins- the occasional
slips and spills.
   We always locked our eyes on them, or anyone else out there. Even when they skated
 in snow. Even dimming light. Because we all knew where the ropes lay.Four at least were
out there ready to be flung- in case. Once a tragic loss happened because no one had
had the foresight to consider fates. It was too tragic to ignore; two precious siblings
gone.  I murmur "Please Lord never again- Amen".

Friday, January 18, 2013

FF55, 1/18/13, Art Class Image:

"...Ten freight cars full... Jumped the track...oranges piled and piled...
The officials shoveled oranges... knee deep
for five hours in the night..."                                

> I saw 10 cars bent with oranges flowing outward, every where.
>Sarah saw a section of track with oranges in clusters
>Anthony saw RR signs flashing ; and a young person with a flashlight!

          One more compilation of a scene from letters. " Lovingly Georgia"  p. 221
Edited by Clive Giboire. Simon & Schuster, Inc. NYC, NY. c.1990.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mag 151, 1/12/13, Arts Fundraiser


She was practicing being a pod.
The play was four acts with four scenes each.
Each a flash of dark just long enough for everyone
to change their pose and position
before the stage light rose once again.

Each period was several minutes long .
each light was from different angle,hue and intensity
representing various times of day and the seasons.
Each of eight different figures loosely representing life
in some formative or perhaps developmental stage.

The props ranged from a tall pedestal
lounge chair, stone wall, various arches an antique car-
The poses and interactions of the players
showed interdependence, balance and grace of nature.

Sheri had found her costume to be rather itchy and hot at first
but the dance teacher and director were so talented
all the participants, women and men, soon forgot
about anything other than their evolving roles.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

FF55, 1/11/13 Fling!

 Georgia O'Keeffe is purported
to have written this poem about
" The Tail Of The World" *
You might use a long tail
 I thought, to water ski, skate.
Explore other worlds
when it whips you into space.
You could skim through wetlands and marshes,
scale extra tall hills-
be bubbly or vent every
excitement, frustration and thrill !

                                          *  Lovingly, Georigia, Edited by Clive Gibore; p.108.
 is letters between two women who were good friends for many years. Anita Pollitzer and
 Georgia O'Keefe.
     The outstanding qualities so evident in the the early letters- appears to me- to be an
amazing excitement about everything 'living'. It is down right tiring on occasion!
   However I read a few and skim others, because they do discuss Art & the edgy '291'
 Alfred Stieglitz.started . Also influences in other artistic areas including music and opera.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mag. 150, 1/6/13. Supernatural

                                                                                  image by Daniel Murtagh

                   "Lock her up!' The people shouted long and loudly.

            So we did.

          " Make her pay with time-" The Jury said

            And so we did.

           "What has she done ?" The children asked 

            when they saw her passing.

           "She threatens your innocence!" Mothers shook their fists.

           "She is a dark and evil force!" Wives nodded to one another.

           "Her beauty is selfishness incarnate!" The priests proclaimed.

            And thus her fate was sealed. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

FF55, 1/4/13 New Years Giveaway

Silver key to a family car,
to the front, back or side of the house
with a red door, green or brown walkway.

 A brass key to the garden shed
 instead of padlocked numbers.
 Used to be tiny brass key

to a bookcase and china cabinet,                                
long skeleton key to a blanket chest
or hope-