Friday, May 31, 2013

FF55 5/31/13, Just one more thing, at 6pm

 Story about a dragon
a basic typewriter,
"Could you write a report for me ?"        

bags, blocks of books
octagon of shiny red presents
(that kept getting kicked over)    

young people
scurrying and laughing
before a party.  

I need the gate,
my partner
to drive everything
to a farm to
care for goats overnight !      

                                                          Quite the dream! Love my foster daughter, but-
                                                     * PHEW* -wipes her brow-
                                                      This felt a bit insane.

Friday, May 24, 2013

FF55 On Bias and Body Language

Fences don't
just keep
horses in
or horses out

They can be
an arrogant barrier
for an insecure instructor.

" Do this---do it THIS way"
Because I am right...
"Those of you who have
learnt this from other people
are wrong."

If you do not have
enough money for me today
So sorry I can't help you -


                                                      Thank God I do not run into many folks like this-
                                                   I walked away from this clinician and do not
                                                   plan to go back ever!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mag 168 Ho-Hum

photo by Togan Gokbakar 

                         " What's that you say George ?"                    
                          " The president he said that Marie, I promise! It is in the paper
                       I'll show you as soon as we are on the train."
                        " More Taxes ? Don't they charge a body enough for
                      moving, eating, breathing?"
                           " Of course they do-it is pretty much the same everywhere."
                              " Not where our Martha lives! they have it good up there-"
                        " It is cold where Martha lives- you don't want to go there Marie,
                     be real."
                         " I just want to take that river cruise- the Fjords and all, the one that
                     was advertised in the paper a month ago, remember ?"
                         "Well start saving some more pennies Marie-Savings rates don't help
                    much at all anymore. -Here is the train, Let's try and get a seat on
                    the far side this time, Ok ?"



Saturday, May 11, 2013

FF55 Errand of mercy today

And so it is, Nature
runs her course of live
and die-

I almost lost a duck
to a hawk,
then I lost a duck
to a weasel

I advertised on line
3 emails , 6 days
and MANY tries later;  

I stood with my husband
in front of a bookstore
until  2 Drakes finally arrived !
                                              My little hen and the 2 boys are out there negotiating!
                                             They have been talking and dotting i's crossing t's
                                             for at least half an hour!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mag 167, May 5'13 , Helpless

                       Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge, 1892 by Mary Cassatt

                                       " Do you know what you are doing ? really?
                                   Alicia, I wonder..Come down please!" 
                                   I said this to the young woman who
                                   had chosen to climb into the beautiful,
                                   blooming fruit tree.
                                   Pink blooms, pink dress- All ready for her
                                   graduation ceremony!
                                     She says it was because the lovely scent-
                                   I worry for the bees! If she gets stung
                                   we will be in the Hospital, not at the school!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

FF55, 4/25/13, We are, what % Water ?

Have you heard
"I Love you "
and other wonderful
hummed songs,
make beauty!

Haven't you learned
it is far better
than yelling
and other hateful alarms ?

Dr. Emoto has
proven a theory
by freezing water crystals
and photographing them!

The ones sung
love songs,
are gorgeous,
the ones yelled at
look tight and squished !

                                                 If you don't believe me go do a search
                                                  No wonder stress knots us up-                                              
                                                   I am singing my cells lullaby's
                                                  now, whenever I can remember to!