Monday, February 28, 2011

Microfiction Monday, 2/28/11

Thanks to Susan over at Stony River,
for a pixie at work and play :

"I doubt it is worth the effort, but here goes!
let's see if we can turn these into the ruby slippers-"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Microfiction Monday, 2/21/11

"JOE you in here? my cell phones dead.
turns out the whole town is haunted-
My feet are killing me already;
I am going back to the bus-"

Poetry Bus, 2/21/11

I knew a woman who                         
                  Was a good cook and a quick one if need be,
scrambled eggs with or without cheese.
                   Was direct about putting lipstick on and gathering her coat.
I knew a woman who
                    Laughed unaffectedly at jokes, or funny stories she was told.
                    Who had a sister and a brother who could and would show up for visits,
other than just on holidays.
I knew a woman who
                    Enjoyed a good long letter, it made her hug hug us all.
                    And when her husband moved away she told us
we would be lucky recipients of news!
                    The day she left she waved and smiled walked on; and turned to wave again.
I knew a woman with brown hair, a genuine smile, who sent pictures in the mail
and wrote once a month for years.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flash fiction 55, 2/18/11

I visited G-man this morning to see an array of terrific
creatures. I was in the mood for thievery -so-
My Mythological Beast:

         A fuzzy, silver thing
        with lots of legs and arms
akin to a milk weed seed-
Only far larger, stronger
and faster- can zip
into a crevice anywhere
 fly and attack just like a sneeze!
Will grab a leg outdoors
or drown you in a swimming pool;
  slide in bed-
zap and freeze your dream!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Microfiction Monday, 2/14/11

"I have had about enough of this lounging
listening to silly love poems and maybe sipping wine!
I am going down to investigate that river "

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flash fiction 55, 2/11/11

                                                                          ( 55 in italics)
Sometimes on short notice, we are asked to share
our 'Experience, Strength and Hope'
in recovery. Last night was one of those.
We say a prayer and then
We tell a story about 'What it was like,
what happened and what it is like now.'

  Can you see the silhouette over there
-see where I am pointing?

    " Down the train platform,
     a figure, quite straight and thin
     -if you look a bit closer through 
     the back light and steam-
     tweedy brown suit
     with a rounded hat,
     a frizzy pony tail
     over the left shoulder,
     her nose buried in a book.
     At her feet, well blended
     a stiff suitcase
     in shaded yellow."

This is a person my Higher Power
has shown me.Where she came
from and where she has gone since,
Has involved some painful choices.
Insanity,oblivion, Mercy and Grace -

She is a traveler. On the move to and fro.

Have you ever looked down on a lake from above
surrounded by evergreens ?
Sometimes the scene is Winter
sometimes Summer-
Sometimes there is movement
in and around those trees.
Or it may only be tracks in the snow
to tell you 'someone' has been here.

    I never know what views
H.P. will want to draw on.
I dread the dredging-
But I have learned
'This too shall pass.'
I have come to understand
that you who are listening,
may need to hear
where I have been. What I have
I look back over what came through
and wonder- was it enough?
What could they possibly
have gotten from that ?

Sometimes you folks tell me
afterward. Sometimes not.
Usually there is at least
some " Thanks for sharing".
"I like your honesty"-
Occasionally specific incidents
are mentioned.
You have told me:
Just "Pass it on".
Just do it. "Let go..."

It may bring me to tears
amazement, acceptance;
But somehow, somewhere,
always gratitude. Amen.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Microfiction Monday ,2/7/11

In Monday's Art class they had darkened the windows
to see how many full body shadow tracings
they could fit on the mural paper by 2:45.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Flash fiction 55 2/4/11

Absolute, almost-pig-Latin silliness is required sometimes...

A Light bulb :   *Flash* 

Goin' out Today,
Hey !

Gotta find my Sled-

Nice steep hill

for  Runnin', Laughin'       

Go fast, on bellies,

So tired of shovelin' snow,
You -What-Say?

More on Saturday ?!
No way- I'm leavin' Hey!  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Magpie Tales, 2/1/11

Chipped and worn,
Umber steps drop away from the plateau
ruby roads into black trenches.

Crayon note horses
rainbow maned
strut and gallop, tails high

pride and freedom bring them
to canyon cliffs
cinnamon dust plumes

Hot searing wind
arises from below
reminiscent of fire,
I give them wings.