Friday, October 28, 2011

Flash Fiction 55: 10/28/11,

Black steel bars
spaced to see, grip,
wave, grasp at-
not climb through.

Homeland retreating.
grass and green trees,
red house,farm,town, mountains
diminish into long specks.

Face has two
vertical lines from pressing.
Ears strain for bird calls,
Friends voices,
Church bell, trains hoot. 

Letter, newspaper unfolded
Photographs inked
language sooty
Exile begun.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mag88, 10/23/11. Divide and Conquer

It was a tangled day-
sideways angles converging
in mirrored streets.

Sitting in growing heat,
The Park picnic
side of the family

was about to come down, in two's,
from our third floor apartment.
Meanwhile Mother would carry

the other half to the roof top.
My sister's Party would remain.
My Birthday was going.

Green grass, shade,
blanket and bait
all folded in the back.

River, rocks and fish
waiting  toe-tappingly,
to be laughed and splashed upon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday160, 10/23/11

Sometimes you are in for a shock, nestled in the grass.Or
for: sadness, pummeling down inside.Sometimes it takes circling
for an hour to dig and bury one cat.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flash Fiction 55: 10/21/11. The Delta Sun

Alden straightened up from signing her name.
Spraying her name in paint was more accurate;
it was tucked up under a darker arch of blue on the hull
of the Ferry boat she was painting.
She was pleased with the matching flash and shine of light
coming up off the water in front of her.                             (55)

    "Halfway there-" She stepped back putting her hands on her hips
to rest a minute.
" Wow -now that is lovely!" Micheal's voice surprised her.
" You'll see her coming that is for sure-" She smiled over her shoulder.
"Yeah you will." He laid his arm across her shoulders and gathered her in.
    A sunrise spread its corded, ropey rays, all the way out over the three tiers
of the boat, rocking on the river ever so slightly in agreement.
" Now for the Moon side-" He grinned down at her.
"You'll have to help me with that."She ribbed him lightly before pulling away.
" I'll help," He nodded " You just have to stick to the Owl and Pussy Cat version
you drew in your plans-" He dodged quickly away from the sweep
of arm he knew was coming at him.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mag87, 10/16/11

"Ummm crispy crisp, I've only got eyes for dinner -nothing better than Duck!
I usually have time to carry it home by it's feet, raw- but not tonight;
we have our dress rehearsal for the Mikado ..."

Sunday160, Yesterday:

Four carloads of boxes, bags-overflowing donations
sorted quickly- we sold puzzles, lawn ornaments,balloon
cartoon figures and books-300 dollars for Church oil!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

FF55, for 10/ 14/11 No matter the cost savoring is the ticket!

Sometimes I just HAVE to buy "New" books!
I circled and circled the stacks...Salivating
at least as much over the selection, as the probable
choices. It feeds the fever, fire and the appetite.
Snap! grabbed the first, heard about it on NPR.
Whish, swept up the second -
Favorite famous writer-An unexpected fabulous horse.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mag 86, 10/9/11 "Remember ? "

Michael Sowa, from *The Little King*

Do you remember being "King for a day" ?
We did that growing up. In the summer our gang used to take turns-
some were good kings,some not so much.
The last time I was King, I proclaimed to my court:
-Find a Cheap Thrill in town, report back to me so maybe we can all do it!
-Go to the library or News stand and read:" A How To"- report back (in case it is valuable.)
-Take a witness with you and get as close to Mr. Harmon's Bull as possible.
-Spy on somebody of interest, for 1/2 hour and report back to the King about it.
-Bring a friend and Try to do something you never have, tell the king( maybe it is worth doing)
-Try eating something you have heard is 'good',tell me about it.
-Find something valuable as a gift and bring it for the King- (that nobody else will think of)
-Do something for someone else and only tell me about it.
-Meet at the Square for a game of  checkers after 4pm.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday160, Reacqainting.

Have you ever seen,felt
Mr. Eliot's London streets as in Prelude I?
it could launch us toward New York
or Chicago- near Mr.Sandburg's
fog and little cats feet-

Thursday, October 6, 2011

FF55, for 10/ 7/11 Written and rhymed, from the bottom up

Four witches, six itches
high ledge, dragon fledged
cave dwell, deep well
rugged nest, twig fest
pumpkin patch, door latch
trick or treat- how sweet?
Spider web now fed
black cat, how fat
Dark night, fire light
tall trees,who flees
eye pies, half lies
wand crowns, cackle frown
Short flat
tall hat
Owls, yowl-

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mag 85, 10/2/11

The East river lapped and rose; the sky grew smoggy and vapor began to undulate.
Two steaming coffee mugs lost their handles. The turkey vulture that had encircled
my patch of green all day, landed with a Boom becoming the elephant
that had strangled his handler.I awoke gasping and threw Carl Jung's book hard across the room-

Sunday 160, 10/2/11 "Lament"

My truck, my truck,

a kingdom for a truck-

I wish I could afford something newer

it's 4x4 single cab, 8' bed.

12 plus years old-the rust & rot is terrible!