Thursday, November 29, 2012

FF55 11/30/12, Free Fall

Wise Ones say: The material plane,
and earth- is dense.
What if this equates to thick oatmeal?

Teachers say : There is never going to be
any more God here,
than there is : NOW-

So just jump off into the unknown
Trust life is safe, fall back!
You can land on oatmeal
and not get hurt -

        This is my brain wrapping around various readings and teachings about
"Enlightenment". Between Buddha and Guru's ; I sometimes try to give myself
a more humorous approach...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mag 145, Nov. 25 '12, In the Studio

         I had been staring off into outdoor space, leaning an elbow on the back of the red
leather settee our live models often used.
           The assignment was to somehow bring our study of the human form up
off the page. Four others in our class were spread into corners of the studio, sketching away.
           I turned and went to the closet. Several canvas smocks smeared with paint hung
on hangers and hooks.
             " May I use some of these -and those towels?" I waited for a nod from
Ms. Lellythe ; then pulled them out and began ripping them into various lengths and widths.
       I soon had interesting pieces for my human form. I made a wire frame, wrapped it in
 rags, plastic bags and then used the cloth for skin and clothes.
                  At the end " Megan" stood about two feet tall and was pose-able.
Since then I have made a taller Ballerina and some fairly life-like child dolls; one
who actually looks more like a scarecrow and is dressed in a child's overalls and shirt.
                                        Ms Lellythe and the studio are long gone, but her soft spoken
encouragement remains.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mag 144, Spring

                                                   *Squall*, 1986, by Andrew Wyeth

                          One Sunday, I had just  finished reading a story about another 

family who lived on an island and in a light house.Only difference was the light keeper

 was the young girls Father. One time they had a series of spring storms; and last 

one in the group the young girl- Marie had slacked off a tiny bit. The family cow 

was eagerly searching out tiny nibbles of green .She frisked here and there among 

the rocks and ended up over the wall,down along the sandy edge by the dock.
                          When a Squall came up quickly one afternoon Marie was sleepy

 after lunch;and it was her Mother who sounded the alarm about the cow. 

It took Marie's two brothers, her father and a good strong rope to hoist that 

cow out of the mire near the water

                       I had been reading since lunch and when I looked out the wind

 had come up;and the sky was darkening fast.

                           " Helen!" My husband called out coming around from our small 

patch of garden. " Have you seen the calf ?" 

                          " No - nor Mercy since this morning!"'

                          " Grab the glasses and let the dog out would you?

 I don't want to be searching for those two in the rain!"   He didn't have to say

 another word -I was four steps ahead, I had just read a story I had no wish to repeat!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

FF55, 11/16/12 Pic-A-Nic-a

Hiking the Trail
on a holiday,
you spy unknown people
around a table.

The technique:
grab some dry crumbs, 
an almost empty PB Jar
Take a knife scrape- hard!

Cough, squeeze a tear from
an eye- and Hallelujah-      
Yogi  succeeded!

First a sample offering,
with a bit more work
you trade stories for a feast!

                                                 More Fun from the spooky legends and true
Tales of  JR "Model T"  Tate. Who hiked the Appalachian trail end to end 3 times!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mag 143 11/11/12 , Hot and Dry

                                                  Verdun, 1917 by Felix Vallotton

"Fire in the hills!" 

"Lightening ?" My friend asked, since I had the binoculars.

" Hard to say- it reminds me of a battlefield-"

Black smoke everywhere- well -in Glass valley,from the river and spreading!"

 "Now the sirens are starting!" The sounds rose up the scale, toward wailing, 

even shrieking. We both cringed.

" I hope it wasn't from a camp fire."

" I hope it wasn't arson!"

We exchanged glances, recently the nearby prison had released

several people who had completed their sentences. One of those

was a convicted arsonist....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

FF55, 11/8/12, Scraping Heaven

The echo of thin footing
in a cold shifting mist

is buffeted by wind
through small white crosses

dotting the presidential range
running 25 miles with granite

peaks above the tree line.
Wraiths of history and mystery
seem to twine starkly with our creator,

way high on the Appalachian Trail
in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

                  I was lost in the stacks at our library briefly yesterday,
searching for an author who wrote about local history of the Quabbin Resevoir,
(Ware, Ma.)What I landed on was just as good, because I love The Appalachian Trail
 as well! and this is a book encompassing legends and tales spanning its
 fabulous length.Thanks to the great research and creative telling of a long time hiker: JR "Model T" Tate. From 2006.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mag 142, 11/4/12, "Smile-!"

                                               Charis, Lake Ediza, California, 1937 by Edward Weston
            " Shahiriz ! Killer of the giant prehistoric Lizard!" I grinned at my companion.
          Emily was beat and in no mood for my games. She cocked her head,
          "You drag me all the way out here, into the middle of nowhere- supposedly
          to pose for a painting in this ghastly weather-" She threw an arm out to indicate 
           the wasteland around us.
          "I  know I am sorry -"  I squinted into the sun and then back at her as she 
          slid down to sit by the rock face. " Let me rest for a moment."
              I passed her the water canteen." How about we change plans ?
           I photograph you for a while and then we will return home." 
          And that was how I ended up with 25 black and white photographs of my 
          good friend and model Emily Troop.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

FF55 A Great opportunity

Tattered and torn
 the clothing is
shattered and shorn
 the housing is-
flattened and tossed
the coastline is
sheared and shredded
the power lines are-      

Resilient and hopeful
spirits are
warm and sharing
hearts are
welcome and giving
people become  

"I have extra-"
"I found it here-"
So the word spreads
and a web grows !

           It is weary to think of all that stands before the residents to our south-
I have felt exhausted, grateful and optimistic all week. I wasn't here to
partake of G man's FF55 on Fri. Yet this came all on its own this morning-
so I will post and link it late.  Have a great weekend!