Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mag 119 , 5/27/12 A Bit of a Tease

                                                                House At Dusk, 1935, Edward Hopper

                                     " Some House!-" she whispered , looking up at John's window.
                             "We would have lots of light up there- which is important for plants.
                             Michael and his girl friend probably have that dark, double window;
                             and John and I would have- the end ?"  She felt around for the phone
                             in her pocket. "I'll just call and see-" She dialed her boy friends phone
                              If it is true- I will move in-  She stood waiting for the phone to be

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mag 118 , 5/20 /12 Clowns

                                                    The Circus With the Yellow Clown,
                                                          1967, Marc Chagall

                                " Ahh the memories, all the laughter!" He held his hand up
                               as if to share a secret. "It has declined- sad to say-
                               small Circus's have faded away!" He held up a photograph
                               of two people - bouquet of flowers and a chicken between them.
                                " My parents, back when I was young and you could raise a child
                                here-" He wiped a tear away. "No more."He sighed a big sigh.
                                " I am the last of a line, when I die-" He sliced the air with one hand
                               and rested it on his heart- " It is all over, under this tent-"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mag117 Maybe

                                                                                       Paul Gauguin 

   "She is going to feed us- she is, she is-" My brother whispered
under his breath.. Mai, on the other side, remained silent and as watchful as I.
   We had been deep in the Jungle until early today, no food and unsure of
whatever water we found. The three hunters had brought us in here. Now
cleaned up. We sat where we had been put and waited, watching the large,
brightly clad woman bustling about the kitchen. Her back was to us,
 and in another second my hand- with a life of its own- was raising up
 like a snake. About to strike and pull back with that little piece of fruit
laying cut and ready- right there between the bowls.