Saturday, May 11, 2013

FF55 Errand of mercy today

And so it is, Nature
runs her course of live
and die-

I almost lost a duck
to a hawk,
then I lost a duck
to a weasel

I advertised on line
3 emails , 6 days
and MANY tries later;  

I stood with my husband
in front of a bookstore
until  2 Drakes finally arrived !
                                              My little hen and the 2 boys are out there negotiating!
                                             They have been talking and dotting i's crossing t's
                                             for at least half an hour!


Steve E said...

conversation: "Mommie...what does "negotiating" mean?"

"Um,'s when two people agree on whether to have coffee at Starbucks--or go home, and have some."

(ONE hen and TWO boys? WOW!)

"Mommie, why did you say "Ménage à trois????"


Steve E said...

Izzy, I just loved this piece!