Friday, February 7, 2014

FF55 Drag your Brag laughing

Beyond town of white houses      
friends run aisles of corn
over rat tails, feathers and leaves

Six miles, past the railyard
cackling like cattle bones
about thieves and hobos

Sweat dries like sky
at Sampson's farm
corn turns purple in fall

you swim a bend of river
when corn is high enough to lose people.

                                      Building tension and spookiness was the topic of a chapter in
 this book I am reading on poetry. I just had to try this because tunnels are weird!


Gabriella said...

Tunnels can feel quite a bit spooky indeed, especially if thet are dark and long. One I used in Sweden was frequently flooded.

Mary said...

It seems a long time, at this moment, before we will be seeing that corn tall enough to lose people again! Sigh. Right now we have snowbanks of that height. Groan.

hedgewitch said...

This is striking and very effective, Izzy--you can feel yourself puled down a tunnel into a sinister unknown, despite the sun and brightness of summer. Really well done.

G-Man said...

Ya mean like Scarecrows and Children of the Corn?
Yeah, thats spooky all right.
Have I told you how glad we all are that you are back?
We are glad that you are back Izzy
Loved your Corny 55
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

Brian Miller said...

corn fields can def be freaky places when you cant see over the stalks and all you see is more corn and hear someone coming....children of the corn, freaked me out.

Viktoria Gori said...

Brings back memories. In my childhood my family did grow corn, and although it wasn't a terribly big field, I can remember walking through it.

Margaret said...

I HAVE been lost in a cornfield before. I have ridden between rows on my horse (he snacked a bit). I have hidden in them to smoke cigs when I was young. Ah, great memories. Rarely found them scary. :)

Steve E said...

Tension you built--and spookiness.
Age 5...spooky (Playing)
Age 10...scary (smoking)
Age 13...necessary (hiding)
Age 17... Deputy hunting us
Age 25-80...Just eat the stuff

Also swam in Ohio River-a LOT!

I enjoyed this quick read, and the memories it evoked!!

Lady Lilith said...

Your trial was a success. I also like picking up challenges from books. You never know where it might lead.

Lydia said...

Yes. This does have an a"maze"ing sense to it. Made me want to discover what was hidden.