Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rest, in (tidy) pieces

Diving in: and zig-zagging along a tree line,
sewing up fragments and shadows,
tucking them all in my basket.

It has been a high-low week.
You could wring water out of paper today,
I wrote four pages of a letter to
someone of importance...

My irritability comes and goes
(with weather and time)
The garden needs attention, laundry is waiting
and my 2 dogs need vet visits I can hardly afford.

That is only the tip-of- it.
Yes, a mini 4 would help...
so I will do what is needed.
Hopefully my sharp tongue will
settle its quarrels with the external world
and the attic will be swept clean once more.

1 comment:

steveroni said...

That is why we have those steps--to use, not to look at--because they are so pretty--grin!

A mini 4? How about a major 10th (like what *I* need to do!)?

LOVE your post, admitting to being human is itself not always the easiest thing to do.