Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poetry Bus: Vera and the Dang Dog

Vera and the dog
the dang dog,

Vera and the dog
went out to play-

The dog and the ball
The dog and the stick,

Vera and the dog,
and the ball and the stick !

Vera and the dog
the brown dog,

Vera and the dog and the stick!

Round and round-
up and down,

Vera and the dog, all day!


steveroni said...

See Dick
See Dick run
Run Dick Run

Izzy, could it be YOU who wrote the book???

Jinksy said...

I guess the dog was into repetitive actions! lol :)

G-Man said...

Hey Izzy, you need to get rid of all your other blogs except this one...

Hi...Thanks for visiting

izzy said...

Me: This dog is relentless!
and that should be her name
and Vera is a close second!