Monday, August 15, 2011

Magpie 78

"Paint, paint, paint-"
So many tools, in so many
holding places...

The smaller brushes trim out
The rollers roll on walls 
of many different rooms.

Way up high on scaffolding
they can change a colored sky,
complete with stucco stars
our sanctuary holds
the many dreams of all-

A man who ashes fell
back into earth, yesterday,
He taught me most of all,
to take a brush of any size
and shape those inner shores.


Brian Miller said... the thought of men up on scaffolding painting the sky...ashes thebit of wisdom

Jinksy said...

Way up high on scaffolding
they can change a colored sky

Or a house front! Been there, done that..

G-Man said...

There is an art to achieving great heights without getting too close to the Sun!!
Great Job Izzy!!

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Like the "ashes fell back into earth" too. Wise take on the Mag.

Anna :o]

Trellissimo said...

Deeper than it looks, I think . . .

Erratic Thoughts said...

Clever use of colors to make your point...
Nicely done magpie:)

Lena said...

Splendid! I can almost see the cloudy strokes.....