Friday, December 23, 2011

FF55, 12/23/11, Noel

Tiny dots of gold
brightened the blue sky,
the North star was
over the stable

I was so proud
to be a Shepard
I hoped one day
to play a wise man.

We sang carols
for our families.
I looked out into
the dark audience

hoping  to find
my Mother or Father,
they never came.


Brian Miller said...

ha cute...tis the season and i love kids plays they are always so unpredictable...

TALON said...

Awww - are you trying to break my heart! How dare the mother and father not be there! It goes without saying that such moments are what build wise men and wise women.

Hope you have a beautiful holiday, izzy!

G-Man said...

Jeez Izzy...
Now I feel like crying
So I guess you did a Great Job
Loved your 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for being so supportive, and have a Kick Ass Holiday.
Merry Christmas

Enchanted Oak said...

The great thing, Izzy, is that today you get to be a wise (wo)man all the time! Happy holiday to you.

Margaret said...

Nothing like a sad story at Christmas. 55 powerful tearjerking words, here. I didn't see it coming!