Monday, December 19, 2011

Mag 96, 12/18/11 In the Neighborhood

"...Do you know- how hard it is to make people laugh--?" I wailed...

"It is ridiculous, preposterous! you color me amused ----
even though, I don't want anything to do with you anymore!

"Ana Marie!"

"No-" she waved an arm up at me- "No Naneens !
do you hear me? - no more homework -stories--- meatloaf!"

No more neighborhood Nanny? older sister-protector-defender -?
Now the youngster from long ago was whining.

  The air was a bit stale in the hall, even with
the bare casement window open down the end;
there was still an underlayment of cooking grease
and heating oil-

"...I am glad for you Francis!"   She unfolds her arms
and turns away to unlock her door.
"Now go take a bike out into the park- and
find yourself some boys to play baseball with---"
She bent down to grab her bag of groceries.
" It is fine weather nowadays---GO..."


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Most excellent! :)

Brian Miller said...

whata n interesting interaction but a cool glimps into the neighborhood..felt like tenement living to me...where the neighbors are close and have walls of paper

Suz said...

enjoyed reading this one....
I was told more than once to go outside the weather was nice.....loved it

Jinksy said...

I find laughter stands very close...

Helen said...

Vignettes of the neighborly kind ... love this!! Happy Holidays.

Lydia said...

You gave her the "voice" she looks as if she would have, with just the right movement and emotion. Great peak into the 'hood!

Isabel Doyle said...


Doc FTSE said...

Catches the sense of neighbourhood very well. Well done.