Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/12. Wednesday: Well I rarely Haiku-

And when I do I sometimes bend the rules-
Mr. Knowitall is to blame for this...

"Waiting somewhere be-
tween snowflakes and daffodils
is a cuppa Jo..."

Or two.
He said love and coffee most often says love to me!
especially when my Dad made me an extra strong,
yucky instant coffee first thing in the morning. Seven am.
I would dump in as much milk as the mug would allow
and enough sugar to take the edge off.
We would both sit down at the big dining room
table and let the steam rise- a bit.
Often he would be writing
with a number two pencil on a yellow legal pad
(- notes for a class, lecture, speech-).
As I woke up a little I would dare to ask some question
of him. I would love to think they had substance,
who knows. Now I look back on those half hours
as treasures. It brings tears up. I miss him.


Suz said...

But what a wonderful conjurer of him

G-Man said...

Izzy, Izzy, Izzy....
You are the consumate Rule Bender
It's part of your personna!!
Lovin you bent haiku...:-)