Friday, March 2, 2012

FF 55 3/3/12 Beware

Misanthropy has gone from poetic to catastrophic.
Anxiety no longer has a mild and acceptable form
with a purpose-                                                
Research and studies rarely go on for years-
before a new 'Condition'- becomes a diagnosis
and a prescription pops out.                              
Shyness is no longer a phase to grow out of;
PTSD may get watered down to death .                           
and grief may soon be outlawed-

   Do yourselves a favor and see if you can find a March copy of The Sun
Read the interview with Christopher Lane. It explains a very scary trend.



Brian Miller said...

ah, working in the field embroiled in diagnosis i def get this...they are actually thinking of cutting aspergers out of the dsm as well...

TALON said...

It's truly a scary world, isn't it? It seems that everything has to have an instant fix and a pill to pop to "cure" it...and I can't help wondering what all these medication masks really do. And never mind side effects! The human condition is worsening more than the planet's.

Alice Audrey said...

I was just thinking this morning about how the flattening out of emotion tends to make life far less interesting, but more acceptable to those around the flattened.

G-Man said...

I haven't read anything Misanthropic since Moliere.
But thanks for the advice..
Excellent 55 My Friend.
Thanks for always playing with such great thought and intelligence
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Steve E said...

Seriously, IZZY, the penalty for my smoking at age 10 (well, for being 'found out'--grin!) was a razor-strap beating by my mother, pants down, in front of 6 hired hands, my sister and brother, and a neighbor boyhood friend.

It was the first time I "stopped" smoking. Hundreds of stoppings later, I quit. Never forgot that 'first' time!

Today, my mother would be front-page news and incarcerated (maybe?)...and I would be given some behavior pills. Thanks, Izzy! GOOD 55!