Thursday, March 29, 2012

FF 55 3/30/12 True or False ?

1.)                   Ride on brothers
2 )                  Your flag is at half staff ,
3)                    Just do it!
4)                    Gag me! there's cheaper ways -see #8
5)                   "You have something blurry at 2 o'clock"
6)                    There are four, Deal with it.
7)                    It is more polite
8)                    If you use more Deodorant you won't need #4
9)                   Yes!
10)                 Peace sign
11)                 No- whole milk .                                     
                                    ROCK ON!

                                                 ( it stands on its own and reads without numbers.)


Heaven said...

It is a YES from me too ~

Have a good Friday ~

G-Man said...

Izzy Dear...
Ya know no one is gonna get this but me...Hehehehehe
There's a switch!!
I Loved your Answering 55...
You Rock The Whole North East
(And parts of Quebec)
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Lydia said...

izzy, I am stumped. Perhaps it is a need for sleep! Help!

Alice Audrey said...

G-man gets this?

I'm tipping my head, looking for the key.

- Alice

Mijayami said...

Glad G gets it :)

Margaret said...

...something to do with biker rally or ride?

Anonymous said...

Well color me confused and entertained.

izzy said...

I answered- sorry