Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mag. 140 10/21/12 Best Friends


             It was so strange to step up behind the plywood painted in detailed green on one
       side and  peer through that little triangle.
           " Try not to blink!" Marie yelled and slammed two water balloons fast,onto the
          wood,splashing and splattering water everywhere. Including of course my face!
        "Oh yeah sure!" I yelled, ducking reflexively. I darted out from behind the 4X4 foot
     wide piece propped up in our back yard. "You go try it!"            
           And then the chase was on, because Marie was NOT going to be tagged or
       bullied and pushed into going behind that board. She ran and I chased all over the
        neighborhood !
         Behind McPherson's down the alley between Smiths and Michael's
      into a garage and then down across the yard to Thomson's.
     She darted and twisted  us right through the shrubbery and up onto
     the back porch and into her kitchen.
    "Whoa! stop the rodeo right now!" Her Father yelled; reaching out and scooping
      her off her feet. " Hold on -"  
     Of course I had put on the brakes immediately.
     "Sit Freckles-" He pointed at me and then the chair by the table. I sat.
     " And you-" he swung Marie forward, plunking her down beside me "Freeze!"
     She froze. And that was how we came to be slathered in orange Mercurochrome
     and then presented with a generous slice each,of fresh peach pie with whip cream.
         A very unexpected, favorite way for a hot Sunday afternoon to end.


Brian Miller said...

haha....sounds like fun....we used to have so much fun as kids playing in the yard with our cousins....and def getting in a bit of trouble as well...

Gail said...

Great direction. Good memories.

Lyn said...

So charming..I can feel the energy..thanks for the treat!

Michael said...

i applaud ur use of narrative.

Jinksy said...

And what's Macurichrome- yet another puzzle for a Brit, but I do like pumpkin pie, though. :)

Steve E said...

Izzy, I left you a song link as a response on my blog post...will be back here to comment. On-the-run

Karen S. said...

What fun, this rocks! Thanks so much!

Sue said...


What a fun romp this was!