Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Erasure Poem , 11/29/12- 12/3/12

          Thanks go out to last weeks challenge, D'verse: An Erasure poem.
I had fun! I did not link. (I would choose to rearrange the layout on this but I resisted.)
     Taken from the first page of chapter:" Turning the Soil".(Page 13)
From:    The Wild Braid, Stanley Kunitz, w/ Genine Lentine .
        WW Norton & Co.       c.2003.


                                        of a world
                                      that depended on
          interplay of forces;
              in turn,  responded to my touch, my presence.

                                                Praise it leads

                 between the self and
                 the single flower
                       harmony     among all aspects of
                       domestication        taking                    

  the wild,                 elements that             shine

                               holds infinite possibilities. What sense
  its kingdom                       to convey?   It represents


Gail said...

Pretty good job of erasing words.

Brian Miller said...

Praise it leads

between the self and
the single flower...nice...and elements that shine hold infinite possibilities....ha i love that bit as well....really cool response...

you should drop this in the linky for OLN going on now...

Grace said...

I like the concluding line...beautiful is the nature ~

This is a good technique though I haven't tried it yet ~

Have a good week ~

Steve E said...

In "erase" poetry, as in life, I must learn what to delete...and what to not. Never easy choice.

Actually, the ghost of what was lived--or written--remains NMW.

Nice work, Izzy, and fun, too?