Friday, December 21, 2012

FF55, 12/21/12, Memories

A deep scent of evergreen
fills the living room,
sparse fragile ornaments
and delicate icicles
are all that adorned our tree.

A fireplace mantel for
stockings, a Spanish table
for the wooden creche.         
Classical choral singers
boomed with organs,

Ski's were carried
to the porch for waxing;      
Champion flyer and toboggan
propped for midnight runs!

                                                       Merry Christmas everyone! I am soooo looking
forward to singing Christmas Carols on Monday evening; at home and Church- Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! a lovely holiday 55!

G-Man said...

What a PERFECT Christmas 55!!!
I sure can sense your Joy for the Season.
((((((BIG HUG)))))
Theres your Yule Hug...:-)
Thanks for being such a Loyal and Fantabulous supporter.
Have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End
God Bless You Izzy
Merry Christmas

Brian Miller said...

ah i hope we get snow....i def want to get some sled runs in....smiles...a bit by the fireplace would be fun as well...

Other Mary said...

Those sound like wonderful Christmas plans. I wish you a very merry one!

Steve E said...

Don't have to guess that you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! And YUP! It is a time for singing. If the angels sang, well, it's good enough for ME--grin!
(NOT fiddlemAn! But fiddleMN is correct. Please try has GOT to work.

Otherwise, do you Skype? You DO know I do not have YOUR address, or I would have responded daaaayyyys ago!
PEACE, Izzy!

PS...I had severe case of Vertigo, just now it is letting up, the world is slowing down to warp speed. THANK GOD!

Brian Miller said...

we finally got our snow!!! it snowed yesterday....hope you had a great holiday!

Margaret said...

We have no snow and I'm OK with that. Lived most of my life up North and am enjoying what I consider "balmy" ... although so many people are running around with winter jackets.... I barely have a sweater on :)

Sweet 55 - truly A PERFECT CHRISTMAS day! Good for you.