Friday, January 25, 2013

FF55, 1/25/13, Visability

"Dismantle this! " Death swiped his scythe-
Spirit fled from the body prone.

"You have made my job so easy!"
Death sneered at the shivering spirit

"That wall between east and west Devano-
when restored- you dismantled it.!

All those stacks of laws and policies-repealed!
Anarchy is a bright and shining light for me- Begone!"

                                  I have been reading about 'Symbolism' all week.
I  tripped over cold air and been leveled by wind...Intellectualism sneered at me
 from the page yesterday and an Anarchist was shaking his blocky fist
 at me this morning. So-here's to it!


G-Man said...

Getting more and more philosophical these days. This one sure made you think.
Loved your Symbolic 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for this very intellectual story, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

G-Man said...

OK...One more thing.


Other Mary said...

Ah, interesting 55. I like the opening lines, 'Death swiped his scythe-/ Spirit fled from the body prone.' Great image here.

Susan said...

I agree with Mary. I also like your use of alliteration with the sssss sound. This would sound great at a reading.

Happy 55 Friday!

Lydia said...

I loved this in-your-face poem. It was dangerously fascinating, izzy!

Yvonne Osborne said...

I like the opening lines. There is indeed much symbolism in a scythe.

Brian Miller said...

ha...nice....anarchy never lasts...i talk with my gov students about this...there are a few self proclaimed anarchist...someone always gains the power...and then power always corrupts...