Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FF55 3/22/13, With a Friend,Monday

There was wind, fumes and many cars.
Piles, piled up :14 rims.

Free and clear engines, tipped this way and that. 
The mechanics were only disassembling.

A man carried a door, overhead.
One wagon was chock full of twisted tubes.

The map led us to the right year, wrong make.
No gas pedal assembly here !


g-man said...

Did you visit a junk/salvage yard?
I love those places!!
It sounds that you were less than
enthusiastic about being there. That's
what friends do.
Loved your adventurous 55
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End!

Brian Miller said...

ha...its not easy finding that just right part, and just when you think you have found it...wrong year...dang it...smiles...

Steve E said...

AH! Give me the days when most everyone drove either Ford or "Chivvy". A few Olds, Buicks, here and there. And the rich Uncle's Caddy! Whoopppeeee! And it didn't matter whether used front tires were bald, or even had a couple embedded screws, if they were "pre-war", ya bought 'em.

Whenever I visited the salvage yard I was told, "You'll find that somewheres out back. Go look." ½ day later, he'd say to me, "YOU still here?" (Both times...heheh)
Another memory brought to me by: IZZY!

Opal Zushaquon said...

I often thought it would be fun to learn to fix cars. Unfortunately we of the female persuasion are often dissuaded from such pursuits.

TALON said...

There's something about a junkyard that leaves me feeling sorry for the if they were human-ish...I know, I'm weird!

Loved your 55, izzy!

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

A junkyard is a great place to search for treasure.

Flash 55 - Witch Love

hedgewitch said...

A great descriptive poem, and also rather a neat metaphor for the junkyard of life. I wish I could find some good replacement parts!

Margaret said...

They have maps at the junk yard? Hope you finally found the "treasure"

Alice Audrey said...

I need some car parts right now, but there's no way any junkyard would have them. Too far off brand.

Jazzbumpa said...

junk yard
salvage depot
treasure trove


the place
where old cars
go to die