Friday, March 1, 2013

FF55 3/1/13 How Many Blacksmiths ?

Grey is down in speckles and stones
A carriage propped for two wheels

A horse foot raised, rasped,
near a fire and bellows.  

A Silo needs its cap,
four yellowy houses are framed.

Church has half its steeple.
Orange fields are begun

Red trees curving,
Blue sign stretches

along a big barn
with white doors.

                                                       It has been an exceedingly dingy, wet week.
One thing to detest about the end of Feb....However this puzzle has lifted my spirits
on several occasions! There are two burly Blacksmith's in this picture-maybe they are brothers ?


Margaret said...

I don't know how many... I know I like the images you paint.

TALON said...

I love how this took me back to when the blacksmith came to shoe my horse, Gypsy...all the sights and sounds. Perfect, izzy!

Brian Miller said...

smiles....very cool short little descriptives....easy to see the scene...and all the work they have....we see them at fairs around here...thats about it...

G-Man said...

My God woman you are such a complex writer. I was fascinated with this piece. Two burly brothers I do believe could handle these projects...:P
Loved your Iron Pounding 55
Thanks for playing, and don't think that I didn't notice how very supportive you have been to other contributors today...
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

hedgewitch said...

I loved this--I was thinking it was about a painting in progress, but it also reminded me of a world trying to get back to it's real form--that is a summer world, emerging from the disguise of winter. Really neat that it was a puzzle.

Alice Audrey said...

There are blacksmiths in the picture? I'm overwhelmed in all the color.

My February is gray and dismal, too. Seems the clouds take forever to lift.

Lydia said...

I love the way your mind works, izzy. Also, I am consistently impressed how you paint with your words instead of relying on an image for help (which is what I do!).

Other Mary said...

What a great colorful puzzle!

Steve E said...

Our blacksmith had a speech impediment--talk-challenged?--last time I recalled him was about 65 years ago...until NOW! That totally-worn-out, leather apron had so wonderful a smell.

Thanks for the memory.

(Several B'smiths had speech problem--every one of them had been kicked in the face by a horse or mule. Interesting?)

Steve E said...

Wanna know why I "feel" cheated? Where's the PICTURE?

Rastaman said...

Makes me want to paint a picture!