Friday, June 21, 2013

FF55, 6/21/13. Pleading for Mercy

To have a kind relaxed eye,
an open mind
and willing heart
after struggling
to undo a lifetime of knots.
" I am just so tired"
A black man says,
"The tension and watchfulness
we hold against
the world each day."
He says." Constantly
being questioned on
purpose and intention."
Our presence,
Who are you and why ?

                                         Another interesting essay from July issue of The Sun;
                                       covering a black Professor and writer.
                                       I can so relate to this on a gut level .


Brian Miller said...

i feel him, its def been a fight and thank goodness for those that took it up to make a difference...

G-Man said...

I don't feel that white folks could possibly know the weariness that years of suppression bestows on people. Fantastic bit of writing Izzy.
Loved your social commentary 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for sharing your very cool observations with us
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

hedgewitch said...

Yes, the weight of others' misconceptions, fears, pre-judgements, has got to be heavier than anything physical could ever be. Very well said, Izzy.

TALON said...

When we get to the place of no preconceptions...but will that ever happen? Hard to fathom that it ever will...

Thought provoking 55, izzy.

Alice Audrey said...

I feel for him. It's hard when you are always either invisible or misplaced.

Steve E said...

Wish I could recall the name of a book I read once. (I should--there were not that many (books!)

About a white man who experiemented BEING BLACK. Spent months preparing, darkening his skin, learning ways to walk and talk. The finished product, his whole body very black, he went to live in New Orleans...broke, and possessionless.

Much of the book then represents the real and honest plight of a black man in a strange city (in south!), and his life for a year. I could not put it down.

If anyone knows of which I speak, PLEASE contact me. I DO KNOW HOW IT FEELS. At least aware.....

Margaret said...

I wonder if he is talking about "Black Like Me" by John Howard Griffin?

A lifetime of knots... that is a perfect description.

Other Mary said...

Well penned and a good thing for you to bring to our attention. It's easy for those of us who don't live with that to forget.

Steve E said...

"...I'm tired of livin'
and 'feared of dyin'
But Ol' Man River
he jus keeps rollin' alonnng..."

Izzy, had I not read "Black Like Me" (TWICE!) those years ago; had I not lived and finally gotten--not totally--accepted in a small black community; had I not seen a black man (in early 1940's) run around the street like a chicken with its head cut off (and yes, the man had no head but was still running and kicking few minutes later)--and those SOUNDS...UGH! maybe THEN I could not relate so well with your post today. But all that and MORE! happened.

Today--in my Black/Spanish neighborhood, everyone, EVERYONE, smiles with me as I ride by many times daily on my cycle. So, maybe without "identity" but WITH great compassion and understanding, I live and let live, pray and let pray, work and let work. And will die and let die.

Ma'am, I think I just wrote a BLOG POST in your comment section!!! Bless YOU for allowing me!