Friday, June 28, 2013

FF55, 6/26/13, Sad but true

A woman drives to Minnesota with her dog  
The hope, the man, the job falls through.
So she comes home.
Only now there is no home, no job,
even family turns her away.
her car need work
Her funds are low.
It is hot, she drives to a lake.
Stays, with her dog, to think...

                                             Where we live there are few shelters.
                                           You would have to go to one of the                                    
                                             larger cities to find one.


Brian Miller said...

a hard reality...and life takes some pretty fast turns at times...esp when we chase those dreams...and find ourselves falling short...and then where do we turn...

TALON said...

Sometimes we give up things for the wrong reasons. And, no matter the old saying, sometimes we can't go home again.

They just built a bigger shelter here...which is good, but makes me sad that we need more than we currently have.

Steve E said...

Izzy, no surprise, a lot of people come in and out of "the doors". A number of them have been living in their cars for periods of week, month, or longer, sometimes with a child, or two.

Sad indeed. But the help they receive is evidenced in the one-out-a-hundred who God lets us "see what happened"!

I mean they come back to report how the years, their lives, their world has changed for the better. It is THEN that I KNOW God did a "good job" HA! in using one or more of us, to help His Will be don on earth.

Hey, I could write all day on this kinda topic.

Thanks for posting a sad story with which you might be associated.


izzy said...

(Steve- I answered on your blog-)

Alice Audrey said...

We have a shelter, but no one wants to live near it, so it had a lot of trouble moving recently.

g-man said...

Reality is much sadder than fiction
That's why I'm very thankful for a simple roof over your head!
Loved your morose 55
Thanks for playing, and thanks for your reality checks
Have a Kick Ass Week End