Friday, August 2, 2013

FF55, Aug. 1 '13 Once again

 You trip over the rails of family traditions
gripping the pails of starch required to straighten and whiten shirts
flip stacks and racks of books searching for facts
rip up requests for soiree's in favor of tennis and standings
unzip the history of this family and turn it inside out
exhaustive microscopic studies, may help...


Steve E said...

Also I become curious to open the privacy curtains of family history.

Then I wonder: do I really want to know all these thngs?

Don't know for sure if I got the jist of it, but.....
I see fifty-five
is still alive.

I always loved tripping over the rails of family traditions


(comment in 55 words--had to remove "and" between "Peace and Light"!)

Brian Miller said...

confession time:

so like right before i was born my dads family did one of those family history things...traced his roots back to like alexander the great...

my mom always wanted hers done, so one year he did it...she was so excited...except...the only royalty in her line was one king....king joke...well it is kinda funny...but in all seriousness


G-Man said...

Ya know maestro, if you can comment in 55 words, you can play on Friday.

Izzy, Mucho Descripto in your little reflection of life.
You my friend are a creative talent that bows to no one.
Loved your research 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for your awesome support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

TALON said...

Oh, there are many who like to re-write history...especially family history. They often carry spray paint cans to black out the sections they don't like.

Have a beautiful weekend, izzy!

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

Family history is fun or worthy of burial.

GranTurismo Driver said...

Nice post, great blog, following :)

Good Luck :)

Zee Zoo said...

Unzipping family history?? Not gonna do something stupid like that :p as tempting as it is I dont think i wanna do it. ITS CONFUSING :p And I was born to trip over family traditions :p

Zee Zoo from Memoirs of an Amnemonic Mind

Margaret said...

I have been wondering about you. Hope all is well and you are catching up on chores or just taking a break. Hope to see you back here soon!

Steve E said...

Just tonight I was reminded of a few scenes from my REAL early years (couple TV news stories brought on these thoughts--DAMMMIT!)...and it helped me to know ME better--suddenly. As if I was looking at a video, but I was also IN it...

And then happen onto your "latest" blog post, in which discussion of "family" stories is on tap.

HOW interesting.
HOW curious.
HOW coincidental....

Even if you never see this Izzy, I had to paste it SOMEWHERE...

I used to believe also to "NEVER go back, even for fun...but I've come to agree with one of the promises: "We will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it..."

PEACE and LIGHT, Izzy.
C U on FB!

Anonymous said...

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Brian Miller said...

saw you over at g-mans today and thought i would say hi..

hope you are doing well...smiles.

G-Man said...

Yes of course I'd love for you to play
We've all missed you

Margaret said...

Hope to see you tomorrow at G-Man's!