Friday, January 17, 2014

FF55 Catch up- How are you ?

Hippity hop- clippity clop,
New Year!

Fresh paint on the kitchen walls-warm yellow.
Deep red freshener on lower cupboards.

Bank still doesn't know what they will do for us
eleven mos. later...
Hubby has surgery pending-he doesn't want it.

I'm walking everyday and riding a little.
Writing, Art and Church,quilts, all happening!


Mary said...

Sometimes it seems life IS busier than one would like!!

G-Man said...

I knew you'd make it
We've all been worried about you.
I see you haven't lost your touch with being succinct and to the point.
Loved your hiatus synopsis 55
Thanks for playing, it's GREAT to see you back, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!!!

TALON said...

So much to do, so little time. It's lovely to see you back, izzy! I hope 2014 is a kind and gentle year for you and your husband.

Steve E said...

HA! I wondered if you'd be inspired soon--and you ARE! Great 55, which says so much.

Every surgery I've had--I wanted. If it were knees or hips, I don't know

MUST be cold riding where you live--I cannot imagine. I ride scooter every day though. I say "Giddyapp" and away we go.

All kidding aside--drop by mine and read if ya get a's not comedy! It also not 55, more like 205!

Steve E said...

All our banks (Fla) live by the Golden Rule...
THEY got the Gold
THEY make the Rule.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you have plenty going on...and good to see a new post by you....smiles.