Friday, February 28, 2014

FF55 2/28/14 One Hot Morning

A red and white Pegasus sign
dances outward over  

Two bay doors  .    
 I cup hands to peer in a musty office.
 Oil cans along a shelf
above a punch button register.

 I can see the corner          
 of a covered car                    

like a jewel green Valiant
my Father and brother share

for parades and sometimes Sundays. 


Brian Miller said...

i love old many textures and much the artifacts you chose to show too....the parade van...interesting...

hedgewitch said...

A perfect and complete snapshot-portrait of not just a car, but a place, time and mood, all in 55 perfectly chosen words.

Other Mary said...

Oh, we were on the same wavelength! This is a such great descriptive writing I feel like I'm peering through the window with you.

Alice Audrey said...

Wow, that takes me back. I haven't seen that kind of gas station in a long time.

G-Man said...

Mobil Oil...:P:P
I can see your very descriptive story in my mind's eye Izzy.
I'm so lucky to have you back
Loved your Memory Lane 55
Thanks for playing, You are such a Peach!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Illsa Gorrey said...

Neat! Brings back memories of my father working on his motorcycle. Also a tear to my eyes, as he was killed by a drunk driver while riding said motorcycle. I was fifteen.

Anonymous said...

cool. my step-dad used to own a body shop and had all kinds of old cars laying about. now he has motorcycles - had to build a 3rd garage in the house just to hold them. Mom just rolls her eyes ~

Lady Lilith said...

Very nice imagery. There is nothing like an old car in a garage.