Friday, January 31, 2014


In the grey windy afternoon of Monday ,
my friend and I stopped  to get a cup of coffee.

Out the window of the restaurant we saw
a flock come from the lake, of thirty mallards and hens.

Bold as could be they quacked
crowded arriving cars and departing people

 hustling for bread and french fries!


G-Man said...

Not only that, they wormed their way into The Friday Funfest as well!! Sly little Devils
Loved your Fowl 55
Thanks for playing Izzy, we've really missed you. I'm just overjoyed by your return, Have a Kick Ass Week-End

hedgewitch said...

I used to work in a city park that had tons of ducks and geese--some guests flying over, and some abandoned by owners--they are indeed, *way* worse than seagulls. The natural world is alive in this one, Izzy, and it's good to feel its presence.

Steve E said...

An observation in "55". Well done, Izzy! Birds like MY kind of diet:

French Fries on Toasted Bun. I remember when cafes gave (free) sandwiches like that, so long as custo, er, client kept ordering beer. They called it FREE LUNCH, but guess what? We Paid through the nose for that lunch

Tall beer was 5¢ (1945) I was age 12....

Mary said...

I am sure they have become accustomed to human food...and it sounds like they are very persistently assertive about getting it. Nice write.

Alice Audrey said...

They know we're suckers who will give it to them. Poor things.

Margaret said...

When I first moved near a beach, I thought it was so fun to feed the seagulls. Ha. I soon got over that! I like this nod to nature :)

Brian Miller said...

hey in this weather you do what you got to do to eat....smiles...made me think of the pigeons in DC...they wont take no for an answer at times....i have a hard time denying them...smiles.

Adam Everhard said...

Wildlife tend to get way too used to humans in certain settings. There is a cemetery where they swim on the pond, and they come around looking for bread from people.