Saturday, September 11, 2010


   Fresh look and considerations: Paul Klee, Diaries.( 1898-1919). Dipped into it again today.
He has always struck me as fractal, breaking things down into elements. Components.
   When you read entries somewhat chronologically, there's a great deal of army, aviation, war,
travel; of course arts eye oversees it all and music underlies it.Some how it feels as if love and family
are set apart. Religion gets mentioned faintly.He did teach and enjoyed it. It seems as if much of the living was out of rented apartments, rooms. I have heard of that before and it makes sense with all the
movement, displacement...Life was so different then with 'Continental' habits, especially.
   He does some less linear 'squiggle'  sketches. It feels as though that was confusion, uncertainty-
His natural voice was more numerical. There is mention of nature, but a lot of architecture too. 
The cover sketch of a medieval city, with its wonderful flow and common threads. The Portrait
of his Father is amazing ! combining all attention to detail, completeness, shadows, light. He spared nothing on that one. It is dense, multidimensional, a real tribute.
    I have other books on him but this one really underscores the why's, how's and when-thens.
I love his work, he speaks in such a different manner and that is a good thing! He was introduced to me as a child, side by side with Miro. How wonderful an exhibit that was, Never-to-be-forgotten,
certainly life altering. I'm truly grateful. (Elsa DeBrun and Patrick Farrell took us with my Uncle to the Springfield Museum for it.) I will continue to explore them both, from time to time.

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