Tuesday, September 21, 2010

poetry bus /wedding

Breath and breath
swell, subside.

minds to heart
slow spiral stair

rise and deepen

one and one
blends to we.


Argent said...

Compact and thoughtful. Especially like the last stanza.

Helen said...

I also love the visual of blending to 'we.'

Peter Goulding said...

I think you should develop this into something more substantial. It stands alone but only just. Interesting take.

steveroni said...

Izzy, I like "short" and actually, it is fun to "fill in" the blanks--maybe just me. NO!

I also liked your "one and one makes one..." Unlike our program, where 1+1=3 Right?--grin!

You are certainly a faithful follower. Thank you.
Was this a "One Shot"???

Totalfeckineejit said...

Compact, simple, less is more sometimes.Dreamy.Likes it!