Monday, September 6, 2010


   Cannot seem to write for 55's or Poetry Bus. Deleted both.
Lots of good things to report, just not happening yet...
Ahh well, sometimes 'Time takes time',
   Anniversary came and went. My sponsor is having a rough time, Deaths
traipsing heavily around and about... This too shall pass- I just wish I could ease her
burdens.So I pray-
   We have been coping with our garden, lots of beans,a few tomato's;
very grateful for what we have gotten.
   Did get to a Sober fest- VERY loud music,wonderful blues band that I actually
got up with some girls and danced to!  Attended an Alanon meeting, just what I needed.
   Off to work now, Labor day is not in thought only but a fact.Wish we could generate some cash.
See y'all- be well!

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Jinksy said...

Come on, have the courage of your convictions! Post your 55 and Poetry Bus and bother and blow to what others may say!