Monday, October 18, 2010

Microfiction Monday 140

She thought looking downcast was appropriate
later maybe climb out a window,
cast a powerful spell-
or there was always poison in her ring.


Sylvia K said...

Ha! I like the way she thinks! Have a great week!


Pat said...

Climb out a window, but not too much later!

Thanks for the morning laugh...:D!

Peggy said...


A women that comes prepeared. I like it!
Not sure that I have been here before.
Very nice to meet a new MF fan!

Diane said...

She's leaving one way or another.... :O)

Kay L. Davies said...

I used to have a "poison ring" -- probably still have it somewhere. Got it from Avon with solid perfume in it.
Great fun after the contents were used up. Don't suppose your princess's ring would be quite as amusing, but if she can cast spells, it wouldn't really matter.
Good one.

Kay, Alberta

septembermom said...

Her mind is working all sorts of options. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder if the poison in her ring was for herself, if she couldn't escape...hmmm

Good one this week. Cheers!

Ms.Daisy said...

I like her line of thinking, if she can cast spells, she'd better make it a good one! Good MM! Thanks!

hope said...

Sounds like she's prepared for all occasions.

steveroni said...

Someone who is ready for 'any occasion'--grin! I certainly hope she consults with her sponsor...

Steve E

Anonymous said...

There's a girl who knows how to always have more than one option. Good one!