Monday, April 9, 2012

Mag 112, 4/9/12 Sunday Afternoon

                                                                                              image: djajakarta
        Too many movies! -I had just drifted through all of "Gone With The Wind".
The smooth surface of the shell was warm from sitting. I reached down for my
robe, the wind was coming up and I wished to stand for a while. The little terrier
began to bark, I looked back and saw a window opening in the shell behind me.
As I watched Micheal's damp, black head was just visible inside. So young
and vulnerable ! He seemed sleepy and unfocused. I would wait to call to him
until he began to look outside. For now I could see we were just coming
up on an expanse of very bright grass and trees ahead- were we headed
into the land of Oz ?


Brian Miller said...

ha what a surreal and fantastical journey you took us on..but based much in reality, the known others around you, the dog yet...

EJ said...

Wow I like this! I've read it a few times and while I may not fully comprehend it, it keeps making me want to read it again. Oh, and I love that you referenced two amazing movies, both released in the same year, like you were on a 1939 movie marathon :)

Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- very creative fantasy... great take on the prompt!

Claudia said...

this has much the feeling of a surreal painting...miro or something in that direction...nice..

Tumblewords: said...

So very creative. A lovely trip into the surreal.

Jinksy said...

Some daydream, eh?

Sue said...

This one kinda takes me a step beyond.

Really good.


goatman said...

Born into a barren world.
Others like me maybe?
At least a doggie buddy for companionship . . . off we go.

Suko said...

I enjoyed this one! You took the elements of the picture and wove a story out of them, with skill and finesse.