Friday, February 1, 2013

FF55, 2/1/13, Sleuthing

They found his car.
After, two sister's comb
their brothers apartment.

Almost by magnifying
and dusting for fingerprints.
No strong box of papers.

Cleaned out his place in three hours
left food and furniture
for the next person .

A book and life twist
with dreams for me.
Leaving dry, hollow
corn husks, of deer and human.

                   Truth, my friends don't know why he died
              at his friends house. They don't know why
              someone made off with his papers...No money to take.
              ...Autopsy will tell most, Police can't do much more.


Brian Miller said...

wow...a real life murder mystery...sometimes truth is stranger than fiction you know...

Gail said...

A truth told well.

G-Man said...

There's more to this caper than meets the eye thats for sure.
OK, I'll take the case for 200 Bucks a day PLUS expenses!
BTW...Where were YOU on the night in question Young Lady?
Loved your mysterious 55 Izzy.
Something a bit different from you this week...I LOVE IT!!
Thanks for playing, secure your alibi, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

TALON said...

I hope the mystery is solved because it leaves so much unanswered questions (and pain) for his family to deal with.

I love true 55s! :)

Margaret said...

...don't understand the "of deer and human"... but he rest - just tragic!