Friday, February 15, 2013

FF55, 2/15/13, Daily bread

       A handful of beautiful clear colored chips
held out as a fan of playing cards.
Fiery hell to enlightenment                  
and everything in between!
We may pass dark hunger,
anger to rapture. A day interwoven
white tranquility, toned into laziness at times.              
heat from animality to hell,
purple learning into violet realization.
Overlapping kaleidoscope of galaxies
 to inner worlds.

                I cannot say I am attached to this set of
beliefs over another- however I am reading a book called
 "The Buddha in your rear view mirror" Quite appealing
 in the sense this school does not ask you to change your
stripes- or spots- as many Spiritual paths often do- No pretzels!  


TALON said...

I had to read this a few times. Not because it wasn't beautifully written (it is), but because it's deceptively light when it's actually very deep.

Myrna R. said...

This is beautiful - a great description of a path that def is appealing.

hedgewitch said...

purple learning into violet realization...
loved this, izzy--full of intriguing ideas and original language.

G-Man said...

Oh yeah IzzyBella....
Still waters run VERY deep with you. I feel much the same though.
This post was NOT a mere afterthought, you are amazing!
Loved your Philosophical 55
Thanks for playing, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

Brian Miller said...

it is intriguing...i have studied a bit of buddhism and outside of my normal faith it is appealing in some def made me think in the reading of this...

Yvonne Osborne said...

The clear playing cards we make our own path upon? I like the line, "heat from animality to hell" though I confess confusion. Thanks for making me pause and consider.

Steve E said...

Is it like driving by the rear-view mirror? smile!

A year ago--or was it two? I took a 2-3-month once-a-week course on Buddhist teachings..Each class I was early, wanted to soak it up. And I did!

From then on, as I found it to be true, mental pain and even physical suffering diminished as my "want" for things decreased. (Sorta like "Expect less"!)

Also I've developed a strong belief in the real connection of ALL things animal, vegetable, mineral and "other" EVER created in the Universe.

You got the picture. But my God remains because He is WHO IS.

OTOH. I "know" nothing, but accept many things. PEACE!

Other Mary said...

A thoughtful, thought provoking piece. I agree with Talon's comment. The book which served as your inspiration for this sounds interesting too. Thanks Izzy.

bunnygirl said...

Buddhism has a strong appeal to me for precisely the reason you mention. One is also encouraged to question the teachings and take a different path of the teachings don't fit.

Steve E said...

Year ago I took a 12-lesson course on Buddha. It was enlightening.

Could that have been a "pun", Peep?

Mark Zellner said...

No pretzels??? I may not be interested then! :) Thanks for the inspirational piece.

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