Friday, February 22, 2013

FF55 Formations of Poetry

Stop listening to outer coming in,
watch your own consciousness!

"Language is not where we start thinking"
: Imagination.

We have fundamental thought processes
that are 'prelinguistic.'

It is biological to learn language,
master complex syntax

From : cultural shaping and 'wild systems'.
Cannot be intellectually mastered.

 Language is self managing and self shaping,   
descriptive comes after...

  Between meditation and writing,              
he fishes and hunts up some very interesting elements.
Well worth reading!
A poet and zazen Buddhist-Gary Snyder.      
  Concepts from a portion of an Interview with the Paris Review .                                                         
       The Gary Snyder Reader, The Art of Poetry . pgs.328-9.
( paperback )c.2000, Counterpoint, member of the Perseus Books Group.


Brian Miller said...

nice...gary snyder is cool....have a bit of his work myself...def thought provoking...happy friday to you...

TALON said...

I always end up pondering who came up with the first "sky" or "tree" or "water" and how exciting it must have been to invent language.

Cool 55, izzy!

Other Mary said...

It's hard for me to separate thoughts from words. I'm not sure I know what self-managing and self shaping mean. I suppose I should look him up and read some of his words.

Mama Zen said...

Everything I do and say before coffee in the morning is "prelinguistic!"

hedgewitch said...

I think we think in words--we just have to learn which ones are ours. I also think there is a lot of grey area and confusion between thinking and feeling, where words are not much use. A very interesting 55, izzy.

G-Man said...

Very thought provoking, and observant! This guy sounds like he knows whats up...hehehe
Loved your profound 55
What a cool post Iz...:-)
Thanks for all the effort this took, we are lucky to have such a great thinker on board as you, have a Kick Ass Week-End

Rastaman said...

Complex, to say the least. Thank you.