Friday, January 24, 2014

FF55 Really No Excuse

Sheer stupidity of not planning well!
Been meaning to chip in on a sheet cake
for our groups 25th anniversary.          

Then a friend asked for a ride at the last minute
So I did not even get to the bank.    
 A newer member came to our rescue
and brought in a TON of food!

        Praise be that someone is there, to show the rest of us about generosity
and anonymity-


G-Man said...

Well praise be that you remembered that it was Friday!!
Izzy, I'm so glad to have you back, I hope it's permanent!
Loved your forgetful 55
Thanks for playing, you are a Peach! Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Mary said...

Wow, 25 years for any group to exist is quite impressive!

Steve E said...

Each day I just KNOW there is someone for whom I'm waiting--to show, or remind me, of some part of this way of life in which I am lax.

When I don't get to do somethng which I promised--because someone needed a ride, my lesson is two-fold:
A lessening of Ego (pride) and a gain in humility...

HAPPY 25th Anniversary to your group!

Other Mary said...

Well happy anniversary! Is it a writing group?

Yvonne Osborne said...

My parents used to have an anniversary group they celebrated with every year. The members gradually died off. Now they and one widow are all that's left. I'd love the idea of a writing group. Used to have one....then moved.

TALON said...

People can truly be lifesavers!

Illsa Gorrey said...

Well, since I'm not married I don't have to worry about making this particular gaffe. I make plenty of others to make up for it, though!

Margaret said...

I read the 55 below and here. Sounds like you have been busy! Glad to hear you still have your horse. I love those overachievers when it comes to food prep… I really do not like cooking. I am way behind in visiting and commenting - went to the Outer Banks with my girls (two separate weekends - and well, that puts one behind (I see the can not live with out me when it comes to keeping the house organized :)