Friday, April 8, 2011

Flash fiction 55, 4/8/11; "It is only Money"

The teens inside of me
have been Rebelling!
Yelling at the top of their rebel lungs,
about all that I have been shedding!

I do not blame them -not at all-
Let go of beer and other alcohol.
Let go of Horses, cut down on coffee-
Let go of smokes-
-So? We'll bring back horses-


Steve E said...

IZZY...I thought about this post, and all what you (and others and me) have 'let go' of. And it's funny, the only question which came rushing out from my head was, "WHAT? How in the WORLD did Izzy cut down on coffee?"--grin!

I always, ALWAYS enjoy--or learn from--your posts, and this was a great 55.

Brian Miller said...

wild horses do not do well in captivity...i could never do that to coffee...smiles.

lime said...

keep the healthy joys, shed the unhealthy habits :)

Judy Roney said...

We "should" let go of so much. Seems that what is banned this year is good for you the next so I just go by instinct. Great poem!

TALON said...

I love the idea of inner teenagers. My inner child is much much younger and more prone to hissy fits!

I loved this 55.

hedgewitch said...

I'm with Talon--my underage side is about two and a half. The rest of me is frozen at 24--well except for that whole body thing...nice 55, and enjoy your riding.

gautami tripathy said...

Inner child. Inner teens.. I like this!

order of the day

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I'm 46 years old, but only 9 mentally...
Hey! That's 55 total! (LOL!)

G-Man said...

This is so....LENTEN!!
You've got a lot going on behind that mild exterior don't you?
I'm getting used to your brilliant ways.
Loved your 55 Izzabelle.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Olivia said...

Bring back the horses..

This was nice!
Weekend Hugs xox

Jannie Funster said...

Horses never loved me as much as I'd hoped, neither did alcohol. Never got the hang of smoking, TG.

But coffee? Coffee is in my soul forever like poetry and song.


joanny said...

Well said, you struck a nerve or a cord among us, I prefer riding horses, and then coming back home and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee - use to enjoy it over a camp fire, but now we seem to go indoors. Love going to cafes though and writing and conversing my "big" addiction in life.

Have a good week end,

Mama Zen said...

Cut down on coffee? Yikes!

Suz said...

loved this one